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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-02-21
E.g., 2018-02-21
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
VMVW03 15th December 2017 François-Xavier Vialard An interpolating distance between Wasserstein and Fisher-Rao
VMVW03 15th December 2017 Elaine Crooks Compensated convexity, multiscale medial axis maps, and sharp regularity of the squared distance function
VMVW03 15th December 2017 Zachary Boyd Formulations of community detection in terms of total variation and surface tension
VMVW03 14th December 2017 Darryl Holm Stochastic Metamorphosis in Imaging Science
GFS 14th December 2017 Mingming Wu Biophysical force regulation in cell migration
VMVW03 14th December 2017 Christopher Zach When to lift (a function to higher dimensions) and when not
VMVW03 14th December 2017 John Ball Nonlinear elasticity and image processing
VMVW03 14th December 2017 Alex Bronstein Geometry and learning in 3D correspondence problems
VMVW03 14th December 2017 Gabriel Peyre Optimal Transport and Deep Generative Models
VMVW03 14th December 2017 Peter Michor Soliton solutions for the elastic metric on spaces of curves
VMVW03 13th December 2017 Stephen Marsland Langevin equations for landmark image registration with uncertainty
SIP 13th December 2017 Pavel Chernyshov Inversion of waves and current profiles using X-band radar in coastal zone
SIP 13th December 2017 Anna Chernyshova Two- and three-dimensional effects in spatial and temporal evolution of water waves excited by wind and generated mechanically
VMVW03 13th December 2017 Tieyong Zeng Two-Stage/Three-Stage Method for Image Segmentation
VMVW03 13th December 2017 Yuri Boykov Low-order graphical models for shapes and hierarchies in segmentation
GFS 12th December 2017 Maria Ekiel-Jezewska Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
GFS 12th December 2017 Keith Moffatt Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
GFS 12th December 2017 Andrew Gilbert Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
VMVW03 12th December 2017 Carl Olsson Compact Rank Models and Optimization
GFS 12th December 2017 Tomasz Lipniacki Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
GFS 12th December 2017 Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium - TEA BREAK
GFS 12th December 2017 Marek Dudynski Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
VMVW03 12th December 2017 Weihong Guo Simultaneous Image Segmentation and Registration and Applications
GFS 12th December 2017 Krzyszlof Mizerski Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
GFS 12th December 2017 Maciej Lisicki Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
GFS 12th December 2017 Andrzej Herczyński Konrad Bajer Commemorative Symposium
VMVW03 12th December 2017 Maks Ovsjanikov Efficient regularization of functional map computations
VMVW03 12th December 2017 Lourdes Agapito Capturing 3D models of deformable objects from monocular sequences
SIP 12th December 2017 Vitaliy Zemlyak Experimental modelling of waves in ice cover
VMVW03 12th December 2017 Lok Ming Lui Recent advances of Computational Quasiconformal Geometry in Imaging, Graphics and Visions
VMVW03 12th December 2017 Laurent Younes Riemannian Diffeomorphic Mapping and Some Applications
VMVW03 11th December 2017 Andrew Zisserman 3D Shape Inference from Images using Deep Learning
VMVW03 11th December 2017 Wei Zhu Euler's elastica based segmentation models and the fast algorithms
VMVW03 11th December 2017 Emanuele Rodolà Spectral approaches to partial deformable 3D shape correspondence
VMVW03 11th December 2017 Olga Veksler Convexity and Other Shape priors for Single and Multiple Object Segmentation
VMVW03 11th December 2017 Nir Sochen Point correspondences in the functional map framework
SIPW04 8th December 2017 John Dempsey Fracture Mechanics Applied To Ice Ih
SIPW04 8th December 2017 Daniel Feltham Anisotropic sea ice mechanics
SIPW04 8th December 2017 Han Duc Tran An anisotropic elastic-decohesive constitutive relation for sea ice
SIPW04 8th December 2017 Kara Peterson Evaluation of an Elastic-Decohesive Rheology for Sea Ice
SIPW04 8th December 2017 Veronique Dansereau A Maxwell-Elasto-Brittle model for the drift and deformation of sea ice
SIPW04 7th December 2017 Sveinung Loset Global Ice Fracture Experiments at Spitsbergen and Its Impact on Numerical Simulation of Ice Actions
SIPW04 7th December 2017 Jerome Weiss Coulomb’s mechanics of sea ice: From geophysical evidences to experimental modeling
SIPW04 7th December 2017 Erland Schulson Cracks in ice and their role in brittle compressive failure
SIPW04 7th December 2017 Peter Sammonds Micromechanics of sea ice frictional slip from test basin scale experiments
SIPW04 7th December 2017 Victor Tsai Hydrofracture Propagation from Supraglacial Lake Drainage
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Drinks Reception, Posters and Networking
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Questions and Discussion
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Lincoln Wallen Animate Interaction: The Next Frontier for Digital Media
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Dick Lacey Imaging and Vision Challenges in Security Instrumentation
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