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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-10-21
E.g., 2017-10-21
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW47 20th September 2017 IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application (copy)
GFSW01 20th September 2017 François Gay-Balmaz Flexible tubes conveying fluid: geometric modeling, stability, and variational integrators
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Scott Waitukaitis Coupling the Leidenfrost Effect and Elastic Deformations to Power Sustained Bouncing
SIP 19th September 2017 Luke Bennetts Wave-induced collisions of thin floating disks
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Douglas Holmes Swelling and Shaping of Soft Structures
GFSW01 19th September 2017 James Hanna The planar elastica, stress, and material stress
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Amir Gat Fluid Mechanics of Soft Robots and Actuators
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Shilpa Khatri Simulations of Pulsating Soft Corals
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Ido Regev Motility induced elongation of the vertebrate embryo
GFSW01 19th September 2017 David Hu How the elephant grabs with its trunk
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Eva Kanso Flow-mediated synchronization of swimmers and rotors at the micron scale
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Pasquale Ciarletta Turing revisited: the chemo-mechanical bases of morphogenesis in soft living matter
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Neil Balmforth Indentations of plastic layers
TGMW47 19th September 2017 IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Simon Pearce Microtubule Rings
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Sharon Lubkin Form, flow, deformation, and transport in the embryonic lung
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Marina Ferreira The dynamics of a packed cell tissue
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Cathal Cummins The Stokes-flow parachute of the dandelion fruit
GFS 18th September 2017 Goldman D
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Shreyas Mandre The transverse arch of human foot
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Sungyon Lee Capturing gas in soft granular media
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Daniel Goldman Some surprises in self-propulsion via self-deformation: snake scattering & supersmarticles
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Jose Bico Elastocapillarity: When surface tension deforms elastic solids
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Arezki Boudaoud On the robustness of morphogenesis
SIPW01 15th September 2017 David Schroeder New insight from CryoSat-2 sea ice thickness for sea ice modelling
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Ed Blockley Impact of initialising sea ice forecasts using CryoSat-2 thickness observations for seasonal sea ice prediction with the Met Office GloSea system
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Alex West Using Arctic ice mass balance buoys for model evaluation
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Christian Haas Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Change
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Peter Wadhams Statistics of the sea ice thickness distribution
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Michel Tsamados Challenges in estimating ocean surface stresses in sea ice covered Arctic and Antarctic regions
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Ian Renfrew Atmospheric response to marginal-ice-zone drag parameterisation
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Julienne Stroeve Integrating Observations and Models to Better Understand a Changing Arctic Sea Ice Cover
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Jamie Rae How much should we believe correlations between Arctic cyclones and sea ice extent?
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Ann Keen Investigating future changes in the volume budget of the Arctic sea ice in a coupled climate model
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Phil Hwang Winter-to-summer transition of Arctic sea ice breakup and floe size distribution in the Beaufort Sea
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Yevgeny Aksenov Waves, ice and ocean in the future projections of the Arctic and Southern oceans
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Stefanie Rynders Impact of surface wave mixing on sea ice and mixed layer depth
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Harold Heorton Relationship between sea ice deformation and rheology
SIPW01 15th September 2017 David Rees Jones Frazil-ice dynamics in mixed layers and sub-ice-shelf plumes
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Bruno Tremblay Using sea-ice deformation fields to constrain the mechanical strength parameters of geophysical sea ice
SIPW01 15th September 2017 Opening remarks, Danny Feltham
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Grae Worster Brine rejection from sea ice
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Woosok Moon Nonlinear stochastic time series analysis for sea ice and climate
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Yiping Ma Ising model for melt ponds on Arctic sea ice
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Predrag Popovic Simple rules govern the patterns of Arctic sea ice melt ponds
GFS 14th September 2017 Yves Couder About the wave-particle duality observed with a classical particle driven by its memory-endowed wave-field
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Erik Almkvist Different ice observation methods in marine operations
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Robert Bridges Sea ice research - needs and gaps
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Daniela Flocco Modeling Arctic melt ponds
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Andrew Wells Models of multi-scale and multi-phase sea ice thermodynamics
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