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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-12-13
E.g., 2017-12-13
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Tomohiro Tachi Computational Origami Design
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Alex Bateman Paper mosaics: an exploration of tiling’s through origami
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Jane Wang Music of falling paper
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Andrzej Herczynski Paul Klee notebooks: form and mathematics
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Roberto Zenit Hydrodynamic instabilties and modern artistic painting
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Allan McRobie Catastrophe theory and art
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Aubrey Jaffer Physics and mathematics of marbling
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Denis Weaire Artful foams: in memoriam Cyril Stanley Smith
GFSW04 28th November 2017 Michael Berry Magic mirrors and magic windows
SIP 27th November 2017 Malte Peter The suitability of the effective wavefield as a tool to predict wave attenuation over long distances
GFS 23rd November 2017 Pierre Haas Mechanics of a Volvox Embryo Turning Itself Inside Out
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Gabriel Paternain Panel Discussion Session
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Rob Armstrong Using Data to Improve Decision Making in a Complex World
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Quentin Berthet Sequential Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Bandit Optimisation
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Samuel Jones Modelling Volatility Surfaces - Dimension Reduction Techniques to Extract Structure from Option Price Data
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Peter Schuetz Calculating for Pleasure – Modelling and Maths in Ice Cream Research at Unilever
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Alistair Forbes Measurement Traceability and New Measurement Modalities
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Krishnamurthy Dvijotham Analysis of Nonlinear Equations in the Power Grid
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Hamza Fawzi Polynomial Optimisation and Semidefinite Programming
TGMW49 22nd November 2017 Matthew Killeya, Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Welcome and Introduction - Update from Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information
SIP 20th November 2017 Alexander Korobkin Mixed boundary-value problems (tutorial)
GFSW03 17th November 2017 François-Xavier Vialard Around unbalanced optimal transport: fluid dynamic, growth model, applications.
GFSW03 17th November 2017 Tilak Ratnanather 3D normal coordinate systems for the cortex: applications in the deafened cortices in babies, adults and cats
GFSW03 17th November 2017 Jenny Larsson Shell Shape of Snails
GFSW03 17th November 2017 Kirsty Wan The Morphology of Cellular Motility
GFSW03 17th November 2017 Mads Nielsen Measuring shape change by registration
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Marc Niethammer Machine Learning Approaches for Deformable Image Registration
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Alain Trouve Distortion minimizing geodesic subspaces on shape ensembles
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Stefan Sommer Statistical Inference in Nonlinear Spaces via Maximum Likelihood and Diffusion Bridge Simulation
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Alexis Arnaudon How to deform and shake images?
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Alexandre Bône Learning distributions of shape trajectories: a hierarchical model on a manifold of diffeomorphisms
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Nina Miolane Template shape estimation: correcting an asymptotic bias
GFSW03 16th November 2017 Laurent Younes What can we learn from large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping on spaces of rigid bodies?
VMV 15th November 2017 Ya-xiang Yuan Monotone properties of Barzilai-Borwein Method
GFSW03 15th November 2017 Ian Jermyn The elastic metric for surfaces and its use
GFSW03 15th November 2017 Arezki Boudaoud Reconstructing leaf morphogenesis using two-dimensional shape analysis
GFSW03 15th November 2017 Ian Dryden Bayesian analysis of object data using Top Space and Quotient Space models
GFSW03 15th November 2017 Chris Klingenberg How organisms shape themselves: using geometric morphometrics for understanding evolution and development
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Irene Kaltenmark Geometrical Growth Models for Computational Anatomy
SIP 14th November 2017 Guo Xiong Wu Interaction of wave with a body floating on a wide polynya
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Barbara Gris Shape analysis through a deformation prior
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Stephen Marsland Differential invariants for the actions of planar Lie groups
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Krastan Blagoev On loss of form in cancer growth
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Sophie Hecht Incompressible limit of a mechanical models for tissue growth
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Ganesh Sundaramoorthi Accelerated optimization on manifolds
GFSW03 14th November 2017 Sarang Joshi Bridge Simulation and Metric Estimation on Lie Groups and Orbit Spaces
GFSW03 13th November 2017 François Gay-Balmaz Towards a geometric variational discretization of compressible fluid dynamics
GFSW03 13th November 2017 Alain Goriely Morphoelasticity and the Geometry of Growth
GFSW03 13th November 2017 Klas Modin Riemannian Gradient Flows in Shape Analysis
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