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E.g., 2018-06-20
E.g., 2018-06-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
UNQ 18th May 2018 Hailiang Du Evaluating probabilistic forecasts - beyond proper skill scores
STS 17th May 2018 Xinghao Qiao Regression with Dependent Functional Errors-in-Predictors
UNQ 16th May 2018 John Paul Gosling Ensuring monotonicity in emulation
STS 15th May 2018 Jana Jankova Inference for eigenstructure of high-dimensional covariance matrices
UNQ 14th May 2018 Viet Ha Hoang Multilevel Markov Chain Monte Carlo finite element method for Bayesian inversion
UNQ 10th May 2018 Albert Cohen Optimal Weighted Least Squares Methods for High Dimensional Approximation and Estimation.
STS 10th May 2018 Tatyana Krivobokova Partial least squares for dependent data
UNQ 9th May 2018 Arbaz Khan Stochastic Galerkin mixed finite element approximation for parameter-dependent linear elasticity equations.
STS 8th May 2018 Qiyang Han Least squares estimation: Beyond Gaussian regression models
UNQ 4th May 2018 Matt Dunlop Deep Gaussian Processes
STS 3rd May 2018 Sandipan Roy Multiple change-point estimation in high-dimensional Gaussian graphical models
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Nisha Ramakrishnan Development, Characterisation and Application of PET Radiotracers
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Angelica I. Aviles-Rivero Compressed Sensing Plus Motion (CS+M): A New Perspective for Improving Undersampled MR Image Reconstruction
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Introduction
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Ilkay Oksuz Automatic Quality Assessment of Cardiac MRI
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Guotai Wang Image-specific Fine-tuning and Uncertainty Estimation for Medical Image Segmentation
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Ira Ktena Learning from Graph-structured Neuroimaging Data
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Ben Glocker Introduction MedIAN (Medical Image Analysis Network)
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Stefanie Reichelt CTPN: Cambridge Technology Platforms Network - Working Together Across Disciplines
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Hossein Mohammadi Approximating Costly Functions using Gaussian Processes
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Ferdia Gallagher Modelling of Clinical Imaging
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Aleksandra Radjenovic Quantitative Interpretation of Multi-parametric Cardiovascular MRI Datasets
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Elizabeth Soilleux Digital Image Analysis of Diagnostic Intestinal Biopsies to Investigate the Spectrum of Gluten Sensitivity
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Alexis Arnaudon Inferring Uncertainties in Computational Anatomy
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Wenjia Bai Machine Learning for Cardiac MR Image Segmentation
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Questions and Answers
UNQ 2nd May 2018 Matthew Plumlee Inexact computer model calibration: Concerns, controversy, credibility, and confidence
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Daoping Zhang Diffeomorphic Image Registration Models by New Constraints
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Michael Roberts A New Robust Convex Selective Image Segmentation Model in 2D and 3D
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Anis Theljani Multimodality Image Registration
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Introduction
TGMW58 2nd May 2018 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Ke Chen Welcome and Introduction
STS 1st May 2018 Dino Sejdinovic Approximate kernel embeddings of distributions
STS 26th April 2018 Jacob Bien High-dimensional variable selection when features are sparse
STS 24th April 2018 Ian McKeague Causal trees and Wigner's semicircle law
UNQW04 13th April 2018 Serge Guillas Computer model calibration with large nonstationary spatial outputs: application to the calibration of a climate model
UNQW04 13th April 2018 Luc Pronzato Bayesian quadrature, energy minimization and kernel herding for space filling design
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Matthew Pratola A Comparison of Approximate Bayesian Computation and Stochastic Calibration for Spatio-Temporal Models of High-Frequency Rainfall Patterns
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Ian Vernon Multilevel Emulation and History Matching of EAGLE: an expensive hydrodynamical Galaxy formation simulation.
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Derek Bingham Bayesian model calibration for generalized linear models: An application in radiation transport
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Aretha Teckentrup Deep Gaussian Process Priors for Bayesian Inverse Problems
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Nicholas Dexter Joint-sparse recovery for high-dimensional parametric PDEs
STS 12th April 2018 Georg Hahn Recent advances in quantum annealing and outlook on its potential in statistics
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Masoumeh Dashti Modes of posterior measure for Bayesian inverse problems with a class of non-Gaussian priors
UNQW04 12th April 2018 Jeremy Oakley Bayesian calibration, history matching and model discrepancy
UNQW04 11th April 2018 Daniel Williamson Parameter inference, model error and the goals of calibration
UNQW04 11th April 2018 David Ginsbourger Quantifying and reducing uncertainties on sets under Gaussian Process priors
UNQW04 11th April 2018 Peter Challenor Experimental Design for Inverse Modelling: From Real to Virtual and Back
UNQW04 11th April 2018 Angela Dean Experimental Design for Prediction of Physical System Means Using Calibrated Computer Simulators
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