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E.g., 2019-04-22
E.g., 2019-04-22
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
ASC 25th March 2019 Dorothee Haroske Morrey sequence spaces
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Andy Philpott Long-term generation capacity expansion models in JuDGE
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Jean-Paul Watson On the Rigorous Evaluation of Stochastic Approaches to Power Systems Operations
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Amy Wilson Accounting for uncertainty when using computer models as decision-support tools in energy system planning
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Duncan Burt Risk and Optimization in Future Network Planning
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Afzal Siddiqui Strategic Storage Use in a Hydro-Thermal Power System with Carbon Constraints
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Goran Strbac Energy system decarbonisation: informing reform of energy market and regulatory framework
MESW02 22nd March 2019 Andrew Wright Societal objectives and their impact on the electricity system of the future
MESW02 21st March 2019 Michael Hintermüller Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems with Application to Spot Markets with Gas Transport
MESW02 21st March 2019 Golbon Zakeri Stochastic auctions to accommodate the future flexi-grid
MESW02 21st March 2019 Jacob Mays Asymmetric Risk and Fuel Neutrality in Capacity Markets
MESW02 21st March 2019 Jalal Kazempour Distributionally robust chance-constrained generation expansion planning
MESW02 21st March 2019 Gauthier de Maere d'Aertyrcke Valuation of floating price contract formulae for financial renewable PPAs
MESW02 21st March 2019 Michael Ferris Modelling 100 percent renewable electricity
MESW02 21st March 2019 Danny Ralph Risky Capacity Equilibrium Models for Risk Averse Investment Equilibria with Incomplete Markets
MESW02 21st March 2019 Yves Smeers Risk premium and stochastic equilibrium in generation capacity expansion models
DNM 20th March 2019 Cyrill Muratov The mathematics of charged liquid drops
DNM 20th March 2019 Pierluigi Cesana Models for self-similarity and disclinations in martensite
MESW02 20th March 2019 Asgeir Tomasgard Analysing effects of short- and long-term uncertainty on capacity expansion in European electricity markets
MESW02 20th March 2019 Stein-Erik Fleten The Effect of Capacity Payments on Peaking Generator Availability in PJM
MESW02 20th March 2019 Chris Dent Capacity markets, risk modelling and decision support
MESW02 20th March 2019 Sonja Wogrin Hierarchical optimisation and equilibrium problems in electricity systems: challenges and status quo
MESW02 19th March 2019 Luiz Augusto Barroso Harmonizing energy planning and market mechanisms to ensure supply adequacy in electricity markets
MESW02 19th March 2019 Jong Shi Pang Two-stage Stochastic Programming with Linearly Bi-parameterized Quadratic Recourse
MESW02 19th March 2019 Anthony Papavasiliou Market Design Considerations for Scarcity Pricing: A Stochastic Equilibrium Framework
MESW02 19th March 2019 Claudia Sagastizabal A Two-Stage Model for Planning Energy Investment under Uncertainty
MESW02 19th March 2019 Ben Hobbs Sources and Implications of Inaccuracies in Capacity Credit Calculations: A Static Analysis of Electric Generation Capacity Markets
MESW02 19th March 2019 Ramteen Sioshansi Merchant Storage Investment in a Restructured Electricity Industry
MESW02 19th March 2019 Sarah Ryan Assessing Potential Benefits of Increased Gas-Electric Coordination by Stochastic Optimization
MESW02 19th March 2019 Richard O'Neill Incentives, Regulation and Analysis for Investments in ISO Markets
MESW02 18th March 2019 Hannes Weigt Long Term Electricity Market Design: Pricing Quality?
MESW02 18th March 2019 Eddie Anderson The role of submodularity in capacity auctions
MESW02 18th March 2019 Pär Holmberg Capacity mechanisms and the technology mix in competitive electricity markets
MESW02 18th March 2019 Richard Green Optimal storage, investment and management under uncertainty - It is costly to avoid outages!
MESW02 18th March 2019 Bert Willems Investments in flexible generation capacity in an energy-only market
MESW02 18th March 2019 Natalia Fabra Competition among Renewables
MESW02 18th March 2019 David Newbery Market and regulatory design for renewables dominated systems
ASC 12th March 2019 Elena Berdysheva Metric Approximation of Set-Valued Functions
DNM 6th March 2019 Ben Schweizer On some meta-materials with micro-resonators and their effective equations
DNM 6th March 2019 Ning Jiang On the Ericksen-Leslie's hyperbolic model for liquid crystals
MES 4th March 2019 Janusz Bialek Power System Modeling
MES 4th March 2019 Janusz Bialek Power System Operation
MES 28th February 2019 Hierarchical probabilistic forecasting of electricity demand with smart meter data : Souhaib Ben Taieb
MES 28th February 2019 Florian Ziel Marginal copula scores for multivariate foecasting evaluation
MES 28th February 2019 Generalised additive models for electricity demand forecasting : Matteo Fasiolo
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Discussion & Questions
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Stoyan Smoukov Bottom-up Robotics - Emerging Intelligence in Materials
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Fumiya Iida Bio-inspired Soft Robotics: Turning Soft Materials into Intelligent Machines
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Pietro Valdastri Lifesaving Capsule Robots
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Xavier Moya Mechanocaloric Materials for Environmentally Friendly Refrigeration
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