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E.g., 2019-07-19
E.g., 2019-07-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
EBDW01 4th July 2019 Panel discussion on “Spatial/temporal scaling in landscape modelling”
EBDW01 4th July 2019 Justin Sheffield Scaling Challenges in Hydrology and Applications to Water Resources and Food Security
EBDW01 4th July 2019 Bill Kunin Scaling populations and communities
EBDW01 4th July 2019 Paula Harrison, Peter Cox Introduction to the Workshop and Programme
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Questions and Facilitated Panel Discussion
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Simon Dadson State-of-the-art in Hydrological Modelling for Landscape Decisions - Hydro-JULES: Next Generation Land Surface and Hydrological Predictions
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 James Finigan Stakeholder Perspective: A Systemic Understanding of the Water Environment: Why we need it and the Challenges we face
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Andrew Clark Stakeholder Perspective: Farming in Challenging Times
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Brett Day, Ian Bateman Understanding Land Use Change and Supporting Landscape Decision Making
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Mark Broadmeadow Stakeholder Perspective: Can we Model where to Plant Government's Woodland Creation Aspirations?
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Franziska Sielker Planning Future Cities - Overcoming Barriers to Information Modelling
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Kate Parsley Stakeholder Perspective: CDBB and the CDBB's Digital Framework Task group (DFTG) - Towards an Information Management Framework to make Better Decisions around the Built Environment
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Mark Rounsevell Approaches to Modelling Urban Land Use Change in Response to Residential and other Pressures
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Jessica Skeggs Manchester Urban Pioneer Perspective: Planning for Nature in Urban Environments
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Jane Leeks, Ciara Dangerfield Stakeholder Survey - Shaping Future Research Directions
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Peter Cox Keynote - Overview of Programme and what Components of Landscape Systems need to be Represented in Models?
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Iain Williams Planning and Decision-making for UK Landscapes - Systems Research Programme and 25 Year Environment Plan
OFBW49 3rd July 2019 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
DNM 26th June 2019 Elvira Zappale Optimal design problems
ASCW03 21st June 2019 Geno Nikolov Markov-type inequalities and extreme zeros of orthogonal polynomials
ASCW03 21st June 2019 Milana Gataric Imaging through optical fibres
ASCW03 21st June 2019 Feng Dai Integral norm discretization and related problems
ASCW03 21st June 2019 Karlheinz Groechenig Totally positive functions in sampling theory and time-frequency analysis
ASCW03 21st June 2019 Aicke Hinrichs How good is random information compared to optimal information?
ASCW03 20th June 2019 Gitta Kutyniok Beating the Curse of Dimensionality: A Theoretical Analysis of Deep Neural Networks and Parametric PDEs
ASCW03 20th June 2019 Yuan Xu Orthogonal structure in and on quadratic surfaces
ASCW03 20th June 2019 Boris Kashin On some theorems on the restriction of operator to coordinate subspace
ASCW03 20th June 2019 Peter Richtarik Stochastic Quasi-Gradient Methods: Variance Reduction via Jacobian Sketching
ASCW03 20th June 2019 Sinan Güntürk Extracting bits from analog samples: in pursuit of optimality
DNM 19th June 2019 Jorn Dunkel Wrinkles, spaghetti & knots
DNM 19th June 2019 Jose Matias Explicit integral representations of the relaxation of non-local energies for structured deformations
DNM 19th June 2019 Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis Virial inversion and microscopic derivation of density functionals
ASCW03 19th June 2019 Hans Feichtinger Approximation of continuous problems in Fourier Analysis by finite dimensional ones: The setting of the Banach Gelfand Triple
ASCW03 19th June 2019 Christoph Thiele On singular Brascamp Lieb integrals
ASCW03 19th June 2019 Andreas Seeger Basis properties of the Haar system in various function spaces
ASCW03 18th June 2019 Lukas Herrmann Quasi-Monte Carlo integration in uncertainty quantification of elliptic PDEs with log-Gaussian coefficients
ASCW03 18th June 2019 Holger Rauhut Linear and one-bit compressive sensing with subsampled random convolutions
ASCW03 18th June 2019 Joaquim Ortega-Cerdà A sequence of well-conditioned polynomials
ASCW03 18th June 2019 Olga Mula Optimal algorithms for state estimation using reduced models
ASCW03 18th June 2019 Alexander Olevskii Discrete translates in function spaces
ASCW03 18th June 2019 Simon Foucart  Functions of Few Coordinate Variables: Sampling Schemes and Recovery Algorithms
ASCW03 17th June 2019 Claire Boyer Representer theorems and convex optimization
ASCW03 17th June 2019 Peter Binev High Dimensional Approximation via Sparse Occupancy Trees
ASCW03 17th June 2019 Albert Cohen Optimal sampling for approximation on general domains
ASCW03 17th June 2019 Denka Kutzarova Transportation cost spaces on finite metric spaces
ASCW03 17th June 2019 Akram Aldroubi Dynamical sampling and frames generated from powers of exponential operators
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