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E.g., 2019-07-18
E.g., 2019-07-18
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
DNMW04 14th June 2019 H Alicia Kim Optimization for Multiscale Material Design
DNMW04 14th June 2019 Antonin Chambolle Remarks on the discretizations of the perimeter
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Drinks & Networking Reception
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Richard Nickl Bayesian Inference for Non-linear Inverse Problems
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Laurent Younes Diffeomorphic Learning
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Tea and Coffee
ASC 13th June 2019 Maria del Carmen Reguera Rodriguez Sparse forms for Bochner-Riesz operators
DNMW04 13th June 2019 Charles Dapogny About new constraints induced by additive manufacturing technologies on the shape optimization process
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Marco Cuturi Optimal Transport in Data Sciences
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Ulrike Tillmann Sampling with Confidence
DNMW04 13th June 2019 Julian Panetta Computational Design of Robust Elastic Metamaterials and Deployable Structures
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Lunch and Posters
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Hanne Kekkonen CCIMI Video Contest Winner: Wavelet Compression Meets Fractals
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Thomas Du Toit Polynomial Structure Term Models
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Thomas Marge Can we Reconstruct Languages of the Past?
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Yudong Chen Sequential Testing and High-dimensional Online Change Point Detection
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Tamara Großmann Intensity Image Reconstruction in Event-based Cameras
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Tom Edinburgh VAE's for Artefact Detection and Imputation in Physiological Signals
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Tea and Coffee
DNMW04 13th June 2019 Samuel Amstutz Gradient-free perimeter approximation for topology optimization and domain partitioning
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Matthew Thorpe Continuum Limits in Semi-Supervised Learning
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Angkana Ruland Uncertainty, Unique Continuation, Approximation and Nonlocal Inverse Problems
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Nigel Peake, Matthew Killeya Welcome and Introduction - Update from Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information
DNMW04 13th June 2019 Martin Rumpf Multi-Scale and Risc Averse Stochastic Shape Optimization
TGMW68 13th June 2019 Registration, Tea and Coffee
ASC 12th June 2019 Svitlana Mayboroda Kirk Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: The hidden landscape of localization
DNMW04 12th June 2019 Olivier Pantz Singular lattices, regularization and dehomogenization method
DNMW04 12th June 2019 Jesus Martinez-Frutos Level-set topology optimization for robust design of structures under internal porosity constraints
DNMW04 11th June 2019 Perle Geoffroy Topology optimization of modulated and oriented periodic microstructures by the homogenization method in 2-d and in 3-d
DNMW04 11th June 2019 Jeroen Peter Groen Simple single-scale interpretations of optimal designs in the context of extremal stiffness
DNMW04 11th June 2019 Benedikt Wirth Variational models for transportation networks: old and new formulations
DNMW04 11th June 2019 Anca-Maria Toader Optimization of bodies with locally periodic microstructure by varying the shape, the topology and the periodicity pattern
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Beniamin Bogosel Optimization of support structures in additive manufacturing
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Agnes Lamacz Effective Maxwell's equations in a geometry with flat split-rings and wires
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Dorin Bucur Spectral shape optimization problems with Neumann conditions on the free boundary
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Graeme Milton Optimizing the elastic response of 3-d printed materials
ASC 7th June 2019 Guergana Petrova Approximation via Deep Neural Networks
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Daniele Schiavazzi Quantifying uncertainty in cardiovascular digital twins through model reduction, Bayesian inference and propagation of model ensembles
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Benjamin Meder Systems Cardiology of Heart Failure
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Ingelin Steinsland Learning between digital twins
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Pablo Lamata The PIC experience towards the vision of the Digital Twin
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Jichao Zhao Application of Deep Learning on Reducing Uncertainty in the Atrial Structure from Contrast-enhanced MRIs
FHTW01 7th June 2019 David Christini Embracing uncertainty and variabiilty in the design of cardiac computational models
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Francisco Sahli Costabal Classifying drugs by their arrhythmogenic risk using multiscale modeling and machine learning
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Seiryo Sugiura Uncertainty in the prediction of drug-induced arrhythmogenic risk assessed by a multi-dimensional hazard map
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Samuel Wall Uncertainty Quantification in the Parameterization of Cardiac Action Potential Models Through the Singular Value Decomposition
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Richard Wilkinson Hunting for tigers: which uncertainties matter?
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Michael Goldstein The Bayes linear approach to emulation and history matching for complex computer simulators
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Brian Hong Efficient Quantification of Left Ventricular Function During the Full Cardiac Cycle Using a Characteristic Deformation Model
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