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E.g., 2019-08-19
E.g., 2019-08-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
NSTW04 10th December 2002 The tangent complex for the moduli stack of formal groups
NSTW04 10th December 2002 I Grojnowski Hilbert schemes and integrable system: the cohomology ring of a compactification of configuration space
NSTW04 9th December 2002 S Stolz The spinor bundle on the free loop space
NSTW04 9th December 2002 Two-vector bundles and elliptic objects
NSTW04 9th December 2002 Topological aspects of elliptic cohomology
NSTW04 9th December 2002 Registration
NST 5th December 2002 Algebraic K-theory of topological K-theory
NST 5th December 2002 AJ Baker Minimal atomic complexes
CMP 3rd December 2002 Stochastic process methods in the analysis of random hypergraphs
NST 28th November 2002 Hochschild homology and closed geodesics
NST 28th November 2002 The Bass conjecture and acyclic groups
CMP 26th November 2002 Markov chains for contingency tables with few rows
25th November 2002 S Lichtenbaum Special values of zeta-functions
NST 21st November 2002 JF Jardine Higher order stacks
CMP 19th November 2002 Non-Markovian coupling
NST 14th November 2002 Equivariant formal groups
CMP 12th November 2002 Simulated tempering: fast or slow?
11th November 2002 What is elliptic cohomology?
NST 7th November 2002 Rational torus-equivariant cohomology theories
NST 6th November 2002 Euler characteristics of nearly perfect complexes
NST 31st October 2002 The rank conjecture for fields, and higher Chow groups
NST 31st October 2002 Guises of the second Chern class: the circle-equivariant sigma orientation
CMP 29th October 2002 On-line optimisation
28th October 2002 J Steif An overview of certain phase transitions
NST 24th October 2002 General linear group homology
NST 24th October 2002 The structure of E$(n)_*E(n)$ comodules
CMP 23rd October 2002 A Lukacs Generating random group elements
21st October 2002 WG Dwyer Lie groups and their classifying spaces
NST 17th October 2002 The status of the telescope conjecture
NST 17th October 2002 K-theory and derived equivalences
CMP 15th October 2002 Self-destructive percolation
14th October 2002 L Lovasz Global information from local observation
NST 10th October 2002 Blow-ups and mixed motives
NST 9th October 2002 tmf(3) and other tmf module spectra
CMP 8th October 2002 On a hypergraph extremal problem
NSTW03 4th October 2002 K-theory and classical conjectures in the arithmetic of cyclotomic fields
NSTW03 4th October 2002 $K_{4}$ of curves and syntomic regulators
NSTW03 4th October 2002 Relative K-groups and class field theory of arithmetic surfaces
NSTW03 4th October 2002 U Jannsen Kato complexes: conjectures and results
NSTW03 3rd October 2002 Rational and numerical equivalence on certain abelian varieties over finite fields
NSTW03 3rd October 2002 Weil \'{e}tale motivic cohomology over finite fields
NSTW03 3rd October 2002 On equivariant Tamagawa numbers, Weil \'{e}tale cohomology and values of L-functions
NSTW03 3rd October 2002 S Lichtenbaum Weil \'{e}tale cohomology
CMP 2nd October 2002 Incipient infinite percolation clusters in two and high dimensions
NSTW03 2nd October 2002 Analogue of the Grothendieck conjecture for higher dimensional local fields
NSTW03 2nd October 2002 de Rham discriminants
NSTW03 1st October 2002 C Pedrini Finite-dimensional motives and the Beilinson-Bloch conjectures
NSTW03 1st October 2002 Z Wojtkoviak l-adic polylogarithms
NSTW03 1st October 2002 I Fesenko Analysis on arithmetic surfaces
NSTW03 1st October 2002 Stark's conjecture and new Stickelberger phenomena
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