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E.g., 2019-08-23
E.g., 2019-08-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
FMS 7th August 2002 RLB Delannay & G Schliecker Challenges in 2D
FMS 7th August 2002 Experiments on 2D flowing foams
CMPW01 7th August 2002 Noise - insensitive Boolean - functions are juntas
FMS 7th August 2002 F Graner Strain in foams and disordered patterns
CMPW01 7th August 2002 Two-dimensional bootstrap percolation
CMPW01 6th August 2002 C Cooper The cover time of sparse random graphs $G_{n,p}$, $p=c \log n$, $c>1$, and related problems
CMPW01 6th August 2002 The distribution of values in the quadratic assignment problem
FMS 6th August 2002 A Kraynik The cross-over in 3D coarsening
CMPW01 6th August 2002 The differential equations method
FMS 6th August 2002 S Hilgenfeldt 3D coarsening
CMPW01 6th August 2002 Blocking Conductance --- an improved measure of convergence
CMPW01 5th August 2002 Mixing time and its relation to other Markov chain parameters
FMS 5th August 2002 Connections between sphere packings and honeycombs
FMS 5th August 2002 Deformations of minimal surfaces
FMS 5th August 2002 S Hilgenfeldt Minkowski
CMPW01 5th August 2002 Reimer's inequality and a conjecture of Tardos
CMPW01 5th August 2002 S Janson Estimates for large deviations of sums of dependent variables
FMS 2nd August 2002 Forces in foams
FMS 2nd August 2002 Honeycombs
FMS 1st August 2002 A Cebers Experiments with ferrofluids
FMS 1st August 2002 2D tilings and 3D Euclidean patterns
FMS 31st July 2002 Practical techniques for demonstrating soap film phenomena
FMS 31st July 2002 Rotating crystals in foam
FMS 31st July 2002 JM Sullivan Open problems in soap bubble geometry
FMSW01 30th July 2002 K Brakke Kelvin partitions and stability
FMSW01 30th July 2002 F Graner & S Cox Minimal perimeter problems
FMSW01 30th July 2002 A Kraynik Brakke meets Matzke: Random 3D foams
FMSW01 30th July 2002 Periodic minimal surfaces
FMSW01 30th July 2002 Instabilities of drops
FMSW01 30th July 2002 Computing optimal geometry with the Evolver
HDG 12th July 2002 Elliptic and K3 fibrations birational to Fano 3-fold hypersurfaces II
MTH 11th July 2002 J Maldacena Introduction to pp-waves
HDG 11th July 2002 Elliptic and K3 fibrations birational to Fano 3-fold hypersurfaces I
MTH 10th July 2002 J Maldacena Introduction to pp-waves
HDG 9th July 2002 C van Enckevort D-brane categories on higher dimensional tori
MTH 9th July 2002 Black hole formation at high energies
6th July 2002 J Barrow Our universe and others (Ticket Only) For further information, please ring Sara Wilkinson on 01223 335983
HDG 5th July 2002 The topology of crepant resolutions of Calabi-Yau orbifolds
HDG 4th July 2002 When is every coherent sheaf a quotient of some vector bundle? (a positive result for orbifolds)
MTH 4th July 2002 Colliding Kaluza-Klein bubbles
MTH 3rd July 2002 NA Nekrasov Seiberg-Witten prepotential from instanton counting
HDG 1st July 2002 T Yasuda Twisted jet and orbifold cohomology
29th June 2002 Newton's Apple and other interesting maths! (Ticket Only) For further information, please ring Sara Wilkinson on 01223 335983
HDGW02 28th June 2002 S Mukai Invariant ring and birational geometry related with the Verlinde formula
HDGW02 28th June 2002 Regularity on abelian varieties
HDGW02 28th June 2002 Stable bundles, difference varieties and divisors on moduli spaces of curves
HDGW02 28th June 2002 F Schreyer Real forms of $V_{22}$ Fano 3-folds
HDGW02 27th June 2002 NI Shepherd-Barron Smoothness of slightly ramified deformations via tangent lifting
HDGW02 27th June 2002 Generic projections
MTH 27th June 2002 Tachyon dynamics
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