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E.g., 2019-08-17
E.g., 2019-08-17
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
HDGW02 26th June 2002 F Loeser Birational geometry of degenerations and Serre's invariant
HDGW02 26th June 2002 Orbifold cohomology and orbifold Chow ring
HDGW02 25th June 2002 Special varieties and classification theory
MTH 25th June 2002 Worldsheet derivation of a large $N$ duality
HDGW02 25th June 2002 Affine manifolds and mirror symmetry
HDGW02 25th June 2002 Stable reductive varieties (joint with Valery Alexeev)
HDGW02 25th June 2002 P Hacking Compact moduli of plane curves
HDGW02 25th June 2002 Some local applications of multiplier ideals
HDGW02 24th June 2002 Aspects of mirror symmetry on K3 surfaces
HDGW02 24th June 2002 The generic Green conjecture for curves of even genus on a K3 surface
HDGW02 24th June 2002 On an example of Vafa and Witten, or how to get rid of discrete torsion
HDGW02 24th June 2002 $\pi$-stability and t-structures on K3 surfaces
HDGW02 24th June 2002 Minimal models and derived categories
HDGW02 24th June 2002 Welcome by Director
HDG 21st June 2002 A Libgober Elliptic genera of orbifolds
HDG 21st June 2002 Hyperk\"ahler metrics on cotangent bundles of K\"ahler manifolds
HDG 20th June 2002 Covering collections of curves and visibility of Sha
HDG 20th June 2002 Asymptotic invariants of base-loci and in vitro linear series
MTH 20th June 2002 T Banks de Sitter space and supersymmetry breaking
HDG 19th June 2002 Degenerations of holomorphic symplectic varieties
HDG 19th June 2002 The Mori cones of moduli spaces of pointed curves
HDG 18th June 2002 Deformations of Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces
HDG 18th June 2002 Oort's conjecture for the moduli space of abelian varieties
MTH 18th June 2002 N Warner N=1 holographic R.G fixed points and their Penrose limits
HDG 14th June 2002 On a classical correspondence between K3 surfaces
HDG 14th June 2002 F Zucconi Adjunction techniques and the regulator after Collino
HDG 13th June 2002 Differential forms on varieties of general type
HDG 13th June 2002 Divisors on moduli of abelian fourfolds: the scenic route
MTH 13th June 2002 Borcherds dualities in supergravities
HDG 12th June 2002 Threefold divisorial contractions that contract a divisor onto a curve
MTH 11th June 2002 Anti de Sitter branes and holography
10th June 2002 A hiker's view of K3: geometric aspects of conformal field theory
HDG 7th June 2002 Lifting extremal rays from ample sections
MTH 7th June 2002 P Di Vecchia W=1 and N=2 refer Yang-Mills theories from wrapped branes
HDG 7th June 2002 Two applications of instanton numbers
HDG 6th June 2002 Exterior algebra methods for syzygies
MTH 6th June 2002 A Hanany Toric duality, Seiberg duality and Picard-Lefshetz transformations
MTH 5th June 2002 K Skenderis Brane in AdS and pp-wave spacetimes
HDG 31st May 2002 Smooth super-rigid hypersurfaces according to Pukhlikov
HDG 30th May 2002 TBA
HDG 30th May 2002 Real enumerative geometry
MTH 30th May 2002 Tachyon condensation and black hole entropy
MTH 28th May 2002 D Freedman Perturbative gauge theory and string interactions
27th May 2002 Update on 3-folds
HDG 24th May 2002 Degenerations of Calabi-Yau III
HDG 24th May 2002 Deformations of Picard bundles
MTH 23rd May 2002 Branes and vacua in open string field theory
MTH 21st May 2002 A Peet S-branes
20th May 2002 Complex geometry and M-Theory
HDG 17th May 2002 Noncommutative surfaces III
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