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E.g., 2019-06-26
E.g., 2019-06-26
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
MUCW03 30th July 2001 Why don't we maximise utility? CMS room 4
ITSW01 30th July 2001 N Joshi New Painlev\'e hierarchies
MUCW03 30th July 2001 Measurement and modelling risks: general discussion CMS room 4
ITSW01 30th July 2001 On the positivity of solutions for dissipative partial differential equations
ITSW01 30th July 2001 R Conte The two sequences of birational transformations of the Painlev\'e equations
MUCW03 30th July 2001 Public sector decision making - general discussion: exogenous/ political risk; co-ordination risk; management risk - CMS room 4
ITSW01 30th July 2001 P Estevez Separation of variables of a generalised porous medium equation with nonlinear source
ITSW01 30th July 2001 General theory of the canonical B\"acklund transformations
MUCW03 30th July 2001 Modelling Contagion Risk CMS room 4
ITSW01 28th July 2001 TBA
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Higher analogies of Painlev\'e equations and their properties
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Integration of Hamiltonians with generalized cubic and quartic potentials
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Homoclinic orbits for the double discrete sine-Gordon equation
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Lie symmetries of multidimensional difference equations and lattices
ITSW01 28th July 2001 On the invariant separated variables
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Recursion operator of evolution equations having polynomial and rational Lax representation
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Bi-Hamiltonian aspects of the Neumann system
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Some remarks on separation of variables for Lax and bihamiltonian systems
ITSW01 28th July 2001 The geometry of the classical solutions of the Garnier systems
ITSW01 28th July 2001 P Grinevich Approximation theorem for the focusing periodic nonlinar Schrodinger equation and the filament equation
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Algebro-geometric solution of the Riemann-Hilbert problem for a class of non-hyperelliptic curves
ITSW01 28th July 2001 V Enolskii On the trigonal Abelian functions
ITSW01 28th July 2001 Algebro-geometric Approach to the Ernst equation
ITSW01 28th July 2001 TBA
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Poster session discussion
ITSW01 27th July 2001 From Burgers equation to linear difference-differential equations
ITSW01 27th July 2001 On the use of the Lie group machinery for establishing conditions for asymptotic integrability
ITSW01 27th July 2001 H Kakuhata Rotating loop soliton of the coupled dispersionless equations
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Solitons and almost-intertwining matrices
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Integrable systems in null-K\"ahler geometry
MUC 27th July 2001 Multivariate high risk scenarios
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Bourlet integrability of the N-reductions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy
ITSW01 27th July 2001 E Medina Reductions and hodograph solutions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Dispersionless integrable hierarchies and the quasi-classical d-bar dressing method
ITSW01 27th July 2001 J Sanders Integrable systems and Riemannian manifolds with constant curvature
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Compatible flat metrics and integrable reductions of the Lam\'e equations
MUC 27th July 2001 Extreme value theory and internet auctions
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Invariant description of solutions of hydrodynamic type systems in hodograph space: hydrodynamic surfaces
ITSW01 27th July 2001 R Balakhrishnan Moving curves and soliton equations: some new results
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Asymptotic nets, their discretisation and reductions
ITSW01 27th July 2001 S Agafonov Imbedded circle patterns with the combinatorics of the square grid and discrete Painlev\'e equations
ITSW01 27th July 2001 Solutions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy and quasiconformal maps
ITSW01 26th July 2001 Integrable models related to Frobenius manifolds
ITSW01 26th July 2001 The unreasonable effectiveness of integrable models. Connection to the topological field theory
ITSW01 26th July 2001 H Heredero Integrable fully non-linear evolution equations
ITSW01 26th July 2001 Pfaffian Hierarchies
MUCW02 26th July 2001 Presentation V CMS room 4
MUCW02 26th July 2001 Close out discussion CMS room 4
ITSW01 26th July 2001 On semiclassical limit of the focusing NLS with pure radiation initial data
ITSW01 26th July 2001 Asymptotic analysis of the autoresonance phenomenon
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