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E.g., 2020-01-20
E.g., 2020-01-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
990W02 4th April 2000 Ancestral trees under a mutation
990W02 4th April 2000 The inference of demographic history from gene sequence data
990W02 4th April 2000 A coalescent approach to study linkage disequilibrium between SNPs
990W02 4th April 2000 Extracting evolution and demographic information from microsatellites: The extraordinary power of MCMC
990W02 4th April 2000 Visualisation and analysis of large-scale gene expression data from microarray experiments
990W02 4th April 2000 J Vilo Mining gene expression and sequence data: Correlating gene expression to their upstream sequences
990W02 4th April 2000 N Cristianini Knowledge-based analysis of microarray gene expression data by using support vector machines
990W02 4th April 2000 Welcome by Dr Nick Goldman and Professor Keith Moffatt
25th March 2000 Electrons in disguise
4th March 2000 LMS Meeting Dame Mary Cartwright Lecture
28th February 2000 R MacKay Discrete breathers: classical and quantum
14th February 2000 Nilpotent groups and non-conventional ergodic theorems
31st January 2000 Quantum integrable models
24th January 2000 Exotic dynamics in smooth and real-analytic category
14th January 2000 Clarkson Road Working Group
29th November 1999 Galaxy formation, dark matter and the high redshift universe
22nd November 1999 Magnetostriction of martensite: new materials that combine shape-memory and ferromagnetism
8th November 1999 V Rubakov The baryon asymmetry of the universe
SMMW05 1st November 1999 Problems in crack and fault dynamics
18th October 1999 A dynamical systems approach to the Burgers equation
26th September 1999 Teachers Colloquium
25th September 1999 Teachers Colloquium
25th September 1999 Cosmological Explosions
990W01 2nd September 1999 No boundaries to Hartle
990W01 2nd September 1999 The Einstein equations and the rigidity of quantum mechanics
990W01 2nd September 1999 Quantum state reduction as a real phenomenon
990W01 2nd September 1999 Quantum theory and reality
14th June 1999 Mixing, turbulence and rigour
17th May 1999 Symplectic 4-manifolds
10th May 1999 The point of Stokes highest wave
26th April 1999 Does the large scale determine the small scale in turbulent flows?
8th March 1999 On the generation of vorticity at a free surface
22nd February 1999 Random walks and some fractal graphs
15th February 1999 B Duplantier Conformal invariance and multifractality
25th January 1999 Turbulence dynamics in polymer solutions
11th January 1999 Termly Soft Condensed Matter Meeting
30th November 1998 Experimental and computational approaches to analyse DNA-protein interactions
TSEW01 29th November 1998 When can we come off the fence - with and without anonymous testing?
TSEW01 29th November 1998 Tonsil screening to establish vCJD prevalence
TSEW01 29th November 1998 Uncertainty in vCJD projections - nature revisited
TSEW01 29th November 1998 Calendar year uncertainty in dietary exposure incidence to bovine ID50s: by gender and age
TSEW01 29th November 1998 The risk from vCJD infectivity in blood and blood products
TSEW01 29th November 1998 C Weissmann The role of PrP in prion replication and transport
TSEW01 29th November 1998 Neuroimmunology of prion diseases
TSEW01 28th November 1998 Critical data on dietary consumption
TSEW01 28th November 1998 How is maternal transition being monitored
TSEW01 28th November 1998 How occupational exposure is being monitored: risks and precautions
TSEW01 28th November 1998 Current trends in nvCJD madence
TSEW01 28th November 1998 What kuru \& animal experiments tell us with relevance to incubation period for TSEs in man
TSEW01 28th November 1998 Incubation period of iatrogenic Creutzfeldt-Jakob in French human growth hormone recipients
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