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Professor David Abrahams

It is a pleasure to announce that David Abrahams will succeed John Toland as Director of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and NM Rothschild and Sons Professor of Mathematics in October 2016. He will be the sixth Director of the Isaac Newton Institute.


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Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology: Numerical Methods and Applications

4th January 2016 to 24th June 2016

In the past decades, quantitative biology has been driven by new modelling-based stochastic dynamical systems and partial differential equations. Examples from gene regulation, molecular signalling, cell division and molecular transport, as recently revealed by live cell images, have shown that many processes in cells and in molecular biology are inherently driven by stochastic events. One of the biggest challenges we propose to address in this programme is to develop methods and analysis, as well as efficient algorithms for simulations, to bridge the range of different biological scales.

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Melt in the Mantle

15th February 2016 to 17th June 2016

The Earth's mantle is almost entirely solid, but on geological timescales it convects vigorously, the well-known surface expression of this being plate tectonics. At depths up to ~100 km beneath plate-tectonic boundaries (mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones), and beneath ocean islands such as Hawaii, the mantle melts, and that melt rises to the surface to feed volcanism and form new crust. Such magmatism plays a key role in the chemical evolution and dynamics of our planet. Although the basic thermodynamics of melt generation in these settings is well understood, how the melt is transported to the surface is not, despite several decades of work on the problem. Furthermore, recent observational evidence suggests that mantle melting is not restricted to the near surface (top 100 km): it may occur within the mantle transition zone (410-660 km depth) and above the core-mantle boundary (2900 km). For these deeper instances of melting, an understanding of the dynamical and thermochemical characteristics is currently lacking.

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Stimulating the interchange of knowledge and ideas between academics from different disciplines and users of modern mathematics such as industry and policy makers, the Turing Gateway facilitates access to experts with highly specialist mathematical knowledge.

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The Institute now invites proposals for 1-, 4- and 6-month research programmes in any branch of the mathematical sciences.

The deadline for submission is 31 July 2016, for consideration at the meeting of the Scientific Steering Committee in October 2016.

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The Isaac Newton Institute is a singularity in the research landscape - scientists from the whole world meet and push the frontiers of science.

Stephanie Widder

Stefanie Widder, University of Vienna

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