John Kinsella

Work Produced
Date Title
December 2014 Graphology Appendix 2
December 2014 Graphology Appendix 3
July 2015 Divine Proportion
July 2015 Wobbling Spirals
July 2015 Taking the Lead at Jam Tree Gully
July 2015 Intersections of Arts and Sciences at Jam Tree Gully
July 2015 Volute
July 2015 Eigenvalue
July 2015 On Richard Long’s ‘Sculpture Left by the Tide’ (Cornwall, 1970)
July 2015 Outside the Concentric Circles of Work
August 2015 Graphology Mutations 54: Memories of Spiral Staircases
August 2015 First Ecologue Spiral
September 2015 Smoke Spiralling from the Valley Deep: The Dead Adonis
Wings on Bucolic Spire
Spiral Poems
Date Title
September 2015 The Age of Spirals
September 2015 When We First Heard

These spiral poems by John Kinsella are written inside painted hoops by Karl Wiebke. “The things you call hoops I call rings, I have heard people calling them circles, it tells a story. The concept for this work came out of a garage, the making of the steel rings were done in an ancient factory in Epping, the painting in my studio in Northcote. Looking at the work I think: Occupying space and giving space. The given space is untouchable.” Karl Wiebke, artist.

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