Heilbronn Distinguished Visiting Fellows

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research is a national centre supporting research across a range of areas of mathematics in the UK. As of 2018, the Institute has generously granted the Isaac Newton Institute an endowment to support visits from pre-eminent mathematicians around the world.

Renamed from “Heilbronn Participants” to “Heilbronn Distinguished Visiting Fellows” in 2022, there are currently five such Fellows per year, running from October to September. Heilbronn Distinguished Visiting Fellows are required to:

  • attend their associated INI programme for a minimum of 28 days
  • visit the Heilbronn Institute during that time
  • give a recorded lecture at the Heilbronn Institute

A listing of all Heilbronn Distinguished Visiting Fellows, together with their associated programmes, is provided below.

Heilbronn Distinguished Visiting Fellows

Gunter Malle Technische Universität Kaiserslautern Groups, representations and applications: new perspectives

Peter Bickel University of California, Berkeley Statistical Scalability
Jianqing Fan Princeton University Statistical Scalability
Mihaela van der Schaar Oxford Statistical Scalability
Nathalie Wahl Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen) Homotopy harnessing higher structures

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