The Management Committee is responsible for overall control of the budget of the Institute, and for its short-term and long-term financial planning. The Director is responsible to the Management Committee, which provides essential advice and support in relation to fund-raising activity, employment of staff at the Institute, appointment of organisers of programmes, housing, library and computing facilities, publicity, and general oversight of all activities of the Institute.

Its aim is to facilitate to the fullest possible extent the smooth and effective running of the visitor research programmes of the Institute and all related activities. The Committee is especially concerned with the interactions between the Institute and its funding bodies, particularly the UK Research Councils, Cambridge University, the Cambridge Colleges, the London Mathematical Society, the Leverhulme Trust, and others. It generally meets three times a year.

The Management Committee is currently chaired by Dr Ewan Kirk.

Name Institution End of Service
Professor Ulrike Tillmann
Director, Isaac Newton Institute
Professor Kerem Akartunali University of Strathclyde 31 December 2025
Dr Sarah Harman EPSRC
Professor Nira Chamberlain
SNC-Lavalin 31 December 2024
Professor Mark Chaplian
University of St Andrews 31 December 2024
Professor Colm-Cille Caulfield  Head, DAMTP
Professor Darren Crowdy Imperial College London 31 December 2025
Professor Christl Donnelly University of Oxford 31 December 2026
Dr Milla Kibble Deputy Director, Isaac Newton Insitute
Dr Ewan Kirk (Chair) General Board 31 December 2025
Professor Niall MacKay  Chair of Correspondents, York 31 December 2024
Professor Nigel Peake Head, School of Physical Sciences
Professor Ivan Smith Head, DPMMS
Professor Helen Wilson  Chair of SSC, University College London 31 December 2027

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