On this page you will find a selection of short films commissioned by the Institute team to succinctly explain our goals, activities, and the details of specific initiatives, as well as to highlight and celebrate our many programme participants. Unless indicated otherwise, these were all produced in conjunction with DragonLight Films.

To view the films simply use the embedded YouTube playlists below, clicking the playlist icon at the top right to access the various titles. If you would prefer to view them directly on YouTube, click here.

Featured so far in our “Short Films” category are:

  • August 2021 | Welcome to the Isaac Newton Institute
    A “headline” film introducing the Institute, its history and its ambitions, told through interviews with those that know it best.
  • April 2021 | COVID-19: Ensuring a safe return to the Institute for staff and visitors
    A safety film highlighting the ways in which INI adapted to the coronavirus pandemic to allow continued access for visitors.
  • March 2021 | An introduction to INI for virtual programme participants
    A guide to any participants attending an INI programme virtually, illustrating the many ways in which interactions have been enabled.

Our “INI participant profiles” category examines the kind of people that attend research programmes at the Isaac Newton Institute, finds out more about their professional interests, and discovers why mathematics captured their imagination from a young age. Featured so far are:

  • October 2021 | Professor Anotida Madzvamuse
  • October 2021 | Professor Reidun Twarock
  • October 2021 | Professor Wendelin Werner

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