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Each day brings further affirmation of the deep significance of Mathematics to our understanding of the world. INI and ICMS are indispensable world-class institutions for advancing mathematical knowledge and broadening its accessibility and impact.

Natarajan Shankar, Professor, SRI International (VSO2 Programme 2022)

It's clear that the community as a whole benefited by bringing together groups with very different outlooks.

Lawrence Paulson, Professor, University of Cambridge (VSO2 Programme 2022)

It opened my mind to new approaches and new people

Pierre Degond, CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) (FKT Programme 2022)

The Institute is an excellent place to work. People, support, facilities, housing –everything was exquisite. It was one of my best doing-research travels.

Ewa Girejko, Bialystok University of Technology (FDE2 Programme 2022)

Creating such an excellent ambience to work and share ideas is a very difficult task for organisers. The Isaac Newton Institute deserves congratulations for its fine piece of work.

Dorota Mozyrska, Bialystok University of Technology (FDE2 Programme 2022)

The programme brought together world-leading experts in the area of mathematical imaging which created a significant moment. Likewise my research has been boosted by the programme.

Matthias J Ehrhardt, Dr, University of Bath (MDL Programme 2021)

Due to the new collaborations and new research directions I can say that this programme has had a significant impact on my research

Matthew Thorpe, Dr, University of Manchester (MDL Programme 2021)

Great place, great scientists from my field around, it was a very good time at INI!

Jens Hornbostel, Professor, Bergische Universität Wuppertal (KAH Programme 2020)

The programme enabled me to make significant progress on several ongoing projects.

Joanna Fawcett, Dr, Imperial College London (GRA Programme 2020)

I only wish I could have spent more time at the INI. It is a unique environment in which to think and write and exchange ideas. Too few such places left on this planet.

Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford (IDP Programme 2020)

Thank you for the opportunity to attend/get involved. Visits to INI over the last few years have been a very important part of developing my work in a new field (energy meteorology), even if it is difficult to pin-point specific outcomes from INI interactions.

David Brayshaw, Dr, University of Reading (MES Programme 2019)

Really excellent workshop, with time reserved to enhance collaborations and develop new skills.

Kenneth Campbell, Professor, University of Kentucky (FHT Programme 2019)

This was one of the first conferences where people were really exploring how neural networks might be understood in a broader context than just computer vision and speech.

Justin Romberg, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology (ASC Programme 2019)

I would like to thank again for the invitation to the Newton Institute. It is a wonderful opportunity for exchange and research.

Jürgen Prestin, Professor, Universität zu Lübeck (ASC Programme 2019)

The INI provided great environment for working with long time co-authors as well as starting projects with new people. I was thrilled to visit Cambridge for the first time, especially since several co-authors and/or colleagues graduated from Cambridge University.

Denka Kutzarova, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (ASC Programme 2019)

The time spent at Newton Institute was very productive. The work environment is outstanding.

Maria Helena Godinho, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon (DNM programme 2019)

Wonderful stay, very fruitful environment, excellent arrangements and scholarly atmosphere. I would be delighted to be able to return at some point soon!

Christos Likos, Professor, Universität Wien (DNM Programme 2019)

The scientific program and the overall organization has been excellent. I would be excited about the chance to attend similar INI programs again in the future.

Jorn Dunkel, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (DNM Programme 2019)

It was a fabulous program.

Richard James, Professor, University of Minnesota (DNM Programme 2019)

Excellent programme. Not been to any INI events before. Keen to come again.

Martine J Barons, Dr, University of Warwick (EBD Programme 2019)

Thank you to everyone involved - I am sure that the intensive interactions (leading to contacts, ideas, greater understanding) over the past month will lead to many useful consequences that I cannot yet foresee.

Marcel van Oijen, Dr, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (EBD Programme 2019)

Thanks to the organizers and the Institute staff for the amusing possibility to attend the meeting and to discuss various topics with both the young and high-level scientists from different countries.

Leonid Slepyan, Professor, Tel Aviv University (WHT Programme 2019)

Excellent one-to-one scientific discussions throughout the programme - likely to lead to publications in the next year or two, especially on aeroacoustics and topological aspects of the theory.

John Chapman, Professor, Keele University (CAT Programme 2019)

Lots of good informal contacts in the field that I hope will continue.

Ted Johnson, Professor, University College London (CAT Programme 2019)

My main problem is prioritizing the many interesting ideas and possibilities I heard about at INI and CMS.

Tom DeLillo, Professor, Wichita State University (CAT Programme 2019)

The INI is the best Maths research institute I have ever spent time at (and I have been to Fields, MSRI, and others). It is not "excellent", it is "outstanding". I very much hope to visit again.

Robert Corless, Professor, University of Western Ontario (CAT Programme 2019)

I found my time at INI to be so wonderful that I can't really summarise it. I was so overwhelmed with the new opportunities and new mathematical ideas. The other people in the program were so generous with their time and expertise. The INI itself is a treasure which provides the perfect conditions for new thinking and collaboration in mathematics. My family thoroughly enjoyed Cambridge (including schooling) and none of us wanted to come home at the end. Thank you so very much for all the staff at the INI and the organisers of the program. I am very grateful.

Scott McCue, Professor, Queensland University of Technology (CAT Programme 2019)

I took part in many scientific discussions of great interest.

John Chapman, Professor, Keele University (CAT Programme 2019)

It was an amazing experience.

Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Professor, UC San Diego (CAT Programme 2019)

This has been a most fruitful stay for me in in scientific terms, not only due to the new collaborations started here but also for the wonderful atmosphere at the institute. I have really enjoyed my 6 weeks here and look forward to the next opportunity!

Fernando Casas, Professor, Universitat Jaume I (GCS Programme 2019)

I am grateful for having had a great time both personally and scientifically. Thank you!

Martin Licht, Dr, UC San Diego (GCS Programme 2019)

The whole scientific frame was excellent

Franco Brezzi, Professor, Institute for applied mathematics and information technologies (IMATI) (GCS Programme 2019)

I have participated in three INI programmes to date; this one has been outstanding. The organisers and INI staff have brought together a strong, diverse cross-section of the relevant research communities, and we have learned a huge amount from one another. My time at the INI this summer has refreshed and strengthened my research greatly.

Peter Hydon, Professor, University of Kent (GCS Programme 2019)

Conversations with participants and attending talks was extremely helpful to me as a young academic.

Varun Jog, Dr, University of Cambridge (STS Programme 2018)

I believe the programme had a significant impact, and was very timely. As an organiser, it increased my international profile.

Richard Samworth, Professor, University of Cambridge (STS Programme 2018)

The programme has a big impact to both the field and myself. Through this opportunity, many scholars visited INI, Cambridge, and many other institutes at UK.

Anru Zhang, Dr, University of Wisconsin-Madison (STS Programme 2018)

I think it was a great step for UQ in Europe. Excellent participants and talks, nice discussions, and a superb organisation.

Jens Lang, Professor, Technische Universität Darmstadt (UNQ Programme 2018)

The program was an excellent. Significant progress on multiple projects was made possible because of it. Thank you for making this possible.

Agnes Beaudry, Professor, University of Colorado (HHH Programme 2018)

Yes, during the last two years, I have received several offers for postdoc positions from researchers, which I only got to know because of this programme; my current position is one of these. Furthermore, six of the seven papers that I have authored since March 2017 were only possible because of the programme. This includes a paper proving the functoriality of Khovanov-Rozansky link homology - a new homology theory in low-dimensional topology.

Paul Wedrich, Dr, Imperial College London (HTL Programme 2017)

I think this programme was an excellent opportunity to see state of the art research in the area and interact with leading experts.

Christian Voigt, Dr, University of Glasgow (OAS Programme 2017)

Personally, it allowed me the opportunity to do research at the start of my postdoctoral career, and led to me publishing a paper, as well as developing the research for a second paper.

Stephen Moore, Dr, Polish Academy of Sciences (OAS Programme 2017)

The opportunity to present my recent research during the programme gave me significant feed-back, at a greater level of detail than I could have received at a conference or workshop. Participation in the programme gave me the opportunity to get to know better several people in my field of research.

Maria Paola Bonacina, Professor, Università degli Studi di Verona (BPR Programme 2017)

The interaction initiated at this workshop has given new impetus to the International Mathematical Knowledge Trust.

Stephen M Watt, Professor, University of Waterloo (BPR Programme 2017)

I was awarded an ERC grant that directly followed from discussions at INI

Christophe Eloy, Professor, École centrale de Marseille (GFS Programme 2017)

Reinforced the vibrancy of the field.

Raymond Goldstein, Professor, University of Cambridge (GFS Programme 2017)

It was the best Programme I have taken part.

Anatoly Abrashkin, Professor, Higher School of Economics, Moscow (NWW Programme 2017)

The interaction and intermingling of participants during the week without presentations was very beneficial.

Gareth Thomas, Dr, University College Cork (NWW Programme 2017)

It is always hard to say what it would be "without" this programme. However clearly without this and a few similar ones, I wouldn't do much!!

Antonin Chambolle, Professor, CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) (VMV Programme 2017)

I had many opportunities to socialize with other participants and enhance my research network.

Daniel Tenbrinck, Dr, Universität Münster (VMV Programme 2017)

It has been so nice and interesting having discussions with such great people in that warm atmosphere

Pietro Baldi, Dr, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (SIP Programme 2017)

I was thoroughly stimulated by meeting leaders in our research area, and by having the opportunity to discuss recent research progress.

Pat Langhorne, Professor, University of Otago (SIP Programme 2017)

I only attended for one week, but it easily had enough impact on my work to justify my attendance. And yes, the larger program did impact the field.

Erick Rogers, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (SIP Programme 2017)

I believe the programme and my participation in it gave a significant boost to (successful) funding applications.

Luke Bennetts, Associate Professor, University of Adelaide (SIP Programme 2017)

The program offered me the opportunity to visit a place so significant on the scientific map of the world (Cambridge) as well as to meet special people, both professionally and humanely.

NECULAE Adrian-Puiu, Lecturer, West University of Timisoara, Department of Physics (SIP Programme 2017)

I think the programme was very successful in bringing together researchers from different backgrounds. A number of new aspects has popped up, for me and for fellow researchers.

Malte Peter, Professor, Universität Augsburg (SIP Programme 2017)

I am a young researcher so the programme was a great opportunity to meet other researchers in the field and to place my own research into the broader context.

Adam Bateson, Dr, University of Reading (SIP Programme 2017)

I had a very stimulating and enjoyable time during my stay at the Institute, and I am very grateful for the welcome and helpfulness of staff. The access to resources and accommodation is outstanding.

Pat Langhorne, Professor, University of Otago (SIP Programme 2017)

This programme was essential in shaping my future collaborations.

Yannick Herfray, University of Nottingham (GTA Programme 2016)

Has been the most fruitful and interesting 6 months of my academic career.

Peter Christen, Professor, Australian National University (DLA Programme 2016)

It has been a very motivating environment and the opportunity to meet people of very different fields has been exciting.

Rainer Schnell, Dr, City University, London (DLA Programme 2016)

The programme inspired me and challenged me to do better work. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to participate.

William Thompson, Professor, University of California, Irvine (FOS Programme 2016)

Personally: Enhanced my research activities and colloborations in the field. Field: The problem of the statistical analysis of rare Y chromosomale haplotypes in forensics is now moving in a new direction.

Amke Caliebe, Dr, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (FOS Programme 2016)

Long term residence helped me enormously as a relatively young researcher by giving the opportunity to informally interact with several leading figures in a field very closely related to may main area of research.

David Sirl, Dr, University of Nottingham (SNA Programme 2016)

Both. It was an excellent environment to be able to think and collaborate. It highly motivational, both in the atmosphere and the individuals I was able to meet with while in attendance.

Heather Patsolic, Johns Hopkins University (SNA Programme 2016)

Throughout the organisation process, the staff did a great job of managing arrangements and handling a large volume of traffic and requests from the organisers, speakers and applicants. The staff were very responsive and reliable and handled all matters thoroughly and professionally. The INI is a model for how such institutions should operate.

Paul Glasserman, Columbia University (SYR Programme 2014)

I liked the breadth of disciplines and the interdisciplinary nature, and I especially liked the emphasis on the big picture in the final panel discussion. Some workshops don’t have discussions of the big picture, but I find that very helpful as a young researcher.

Charlie Brummitt, Columbia University (SYR Programme 2014)

It was very stimulating and inspiring! The Newton Institute is a great place to work and meet researchers from diverse fields. Many thanks to the organisers, all the participants and the staff!

Marie Vasse, PhD Student, Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution - CNRS (SYR Programme 2014)

An extraordinary success in bringing together leading experts from a wide range of areas that are relevant for a deeper understanding of the challenge of regulating systemic risk.

Hans Foellmer, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (SYR Programme 2014)

Everything (support, facilities, housing and catering) was just perfect. The Institute is clearly an optimal place to work.

Stéphane Robin, INRA: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (ICP Programme 2014)

The Isaac Newton Institute is a singularity in the research landscape - scientists from the whole world meet and push the frontiers of science.

Stefanie Widder, University of Vienna (UMC Programme 2014)

I had a very enjoyable visit to INI. There were interesting talks and workshops. However, what made this experience unique was the large blocks of unplanned time so that one could engage in long discussions or work on problems with other participants, or take a walk in the beautiful campus.

Wenying Shou, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (UMC Programme 2014)

I found the atmosphere of the Institute really magic, for the extremely kind and helpful personnel, for the building itself with its structure favouring meetings and discussions, for the focused workshops and the flow of seminars and most of all for the quality of the colleagues and long term visitors.

Claudio Zannoni, Università di Bologna (MLC Programme 2013)

I speak for all five organisers of our programme in saying thank you to all at the Institute, at the front desk, in the Library, in the lecture rooms and generally behind the scenes, keeping everything going so smoothly and being so helpful in sorting out any minor problems.

(on behalf of all the MLC programme organisers)

David Chillingworth, University of Southampton (MLC Programme 2013)

The organisers produced a diverse collection of excellent speakers with serious and challenging results to discuss. I was left with a new appreciation of the field; both what is currently possible and what the issues are.

Jonathan Dawes, University of Bath (MLC Programme 2013)

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet so many eminent people in my field, and to give a talk in an environment that was geared towards encouraging young researchers rather than intimidating them.

Ross Lund, University of Bristol (MLC Programme 2013)

Extremely comfortable accommodation, peaceful, excellent for work

Samo Kralj, Jozef Stefan Institute (MLC Programme 2013)

Thanks to the so efficient and kind support of the staff of the Newton Institute, we all spent 4 wonderful months in Cambridge, representing there 4 topics of mathematics for the first time.

(on behalf of all the GDO programme organisers)

Bruno Vallette, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (GDO Programme 2013)

The ideal conditions here at the Newton Institute, as well as the ceaseless exchange of ideas with fellow participants, contributed to a very productive, stimulating and motivating month.

Tommaso Benacchio, Freie Universität Berlin (AMM Programme 2012)

The Library was great for getting work done, and it had an impressive collection of books.

Colton Conroy, Ohio State University (AMM Programme 2012)

Everything exceeded my expectations - I can't say enough about how helpful the administrative staff and general INI support was.

Donna Calhoun, Boise State University (AMM Programme 2012)

My thanks to all the staff who were exceptionally helpful and efficient

Nigel Wood, Met Office (AMM Programme 2012)

I regret not having kept in with news of Newton Institute activities in the past. It is a very valuable resource for researchers in the mathematical sciences.

Tigran Tchrakian, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (TOD Programme 2012)

The Institute does a really first-rate job of providing enough food and coffee to enable one to work uninterrupted. This is something that must be expensive, but is worth everything you spend on it. Well done, again!

Jason Cantarella, University of Georgia (TOD Programme 2012)

I have rarely found such a perfect mix of efficiency, good humor and good manners among the members of the supporting staff.

Richard Kerner, Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI (TOD Programme 2012)

INI has the friendliest, most knowledgeable, most helpful staff. Period.

Roman Buniy, Chapman University (TOD Programme 2012)

A very well organised event, which provided a wonderful opportunity to listen to and engage with excellent researchers from within and outside my particular field. An invaluable and inspirational experience.

Elizabeth Hart, Aberystwyth University

I would like to thank the Newton Institute and the organisers, in particular Rama Cont, for an indeed excellent workshop. I have yet to participate in another event (10+ years professional experience at a central bank), where theoretical questions were discussed in such a quality, such cooperative spirit and of such relevance for my day to day job. The workshop was truly inspiring and I sincerely hope it can be continued / repeated in one form or another at some point in the future.

Claus Puhr, OeNB

The Isaac Newton Institute is a place to visit in order to acquire more knowledge of mathematical sciences. I wish to propagate the good news about INI when I get back to Africa. I therefore look forward to future invitation to participate in relevant programmes especially in mathematical modelling, epidemiology and fluid mechanics.

Amos Popoola, Osun State University

It was very exciting and inspirational! This was really a good opportunity to crystallize upcoming challenges in the field. Topics were very diverse, yet quite cohesive.

Munehiro Asally, University of Warwick

Recently I was a participant in a long program organized by INI and I stayed in Cambridge with my family for an extended period. This visit was a fantastic combination of a very stimulating working environment at INI and a superbly comfortable place to stay for the accompanying family. At the institute there are plenty stimulating seminars and discussions with the top people from my field and the accommodation was beautiful and very children-friendly. Thanks to the organizers for bringing all of us together at a program like this and to the INI staff for their kindness and help!

Svetlana Borovkova, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I am very grateful for all the support. I especially appreciated and admire the possibility to visit other departments in the UK and by this sharing Newton Institute's resources with the UK mathematical community. This is ingenious and very helpful!

Jörn Behrens, Universität Hamburg

Keep doing what you are doing. This is the best institute I have visited.

Frank Giraldo, Naval Postgraduate School

I enjoyed every minute of my stay at the INI, not only because of the exciting talks and stimulating discussions. The whole atmosphere was welcoming and encouraging. Science breathes through every corner of the building. Many thanks to all the staff, the organizers and the participants who made this happen.

Rebekka Burkholz, ETH Zurich

As my PhD research is highly focused on cell-cell interactions within a microbial (yeast) community, this programme, in terms of content and scope, was perfect for my needs! The talks brought together researchers who might not necessarily have come across each others paths otherwise, and therefore it seemed like many individuals benefited from this opportunity to widen their perspectives on their own field of interest. Overall, I would highly recommend this programme to those that may be interested.

Kate Campbell, PhD Candidate in Metabolic Regulators, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge

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