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Graph Models of Mesoscopic Systems, Wave-Guides and Nano-Structures


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10th April 2007 to 13th April 2007

Organisers: BM Brown (Cardiff), P Exner (Czech Academy of Sciences), J Keating (Bristol), P Kuchment (Texas A&M) and B Pavlov (Auckland)

Workshop Theme

This workshop is a counterpart of the preceding meeting devoted to analysis on graphs. It aims at presentation, discussion and comparison of applications of graph models in numerous fields where such structures appear. The main among them concerns modelling of microscopic semiconductor structures expected to be building blocks of future electronic devices, however, the intended subject list covers topics such as superconductivity, microwave networks and photonic crystals, as well as applications in medicine, transport and other areas.

From the methodical point of view the aim is to bring together a diverse group of people ranging from mathematicians interested in structural properties of such models to those dealing with specific systems. Research students and postdocs are encouraged to apply.

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