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Perspectives in Algebraic Lie Theory


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12th September 2011 to 16th September 2011

Organisers: Professor M Geck (Aberdeen), Professor A Kleshchev (Oregon) and Professor G Röhrle (Bochum)

Workshop Theme

This is a follow-up workshop of the six-month programme Algebraic Lie Theory held in 2009. That programme generated a great deal of interest and served as a stimulus in the research community.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together some of researchers who made major contributions during the 2009 programme to report on the current state of the developments, to see to what extent the theory has evolved since then. Moreover, the workshop should serve as a means to present new results in the field specifically those which have been initiated or founded by participants of the 2009 programme during their stay at INI. Highlights of the workshop will involve further developments in the categorification and geometrisation in Lie theory and representation theory. It is expected that new developments in algebraic Lie theory, e.g., categorification and geometric methods and latest developments in the representation theory of affine and finite W-algebras, each will play a major role.

The workshop gratefully acknowledges financial support from the EPSRC-funded programme network "Representation Theory across the Channel" as well as the DFG-funded priority programme in "Representation Theory".

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