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Complex Fluids in Evolving Domains

19th August 2013 to 21st August 2013
Univ of Leeds

Organisers: Darryl Holm (Imperial), Karsten Kruse (Saarbrücken), Peter Olmsted (Leeds), Len Pismen (Technion) and Uwe Thiele (Loughborough)

Workshop Theme

This three-day workshop focuses on dynamic processes in complex media where internal degrees of freedom interact with interfaces and domain boundaries resulting in an interdependent evolution of domains and their internal structure. Typical examples are:

  • Structured films (nanoparticle suspensions, copolymers, polymer networks) whose thickness and domain morphology dynamics is controlled by external and internal influences
  • Adsorption, structure, and rheology of particles, proteins, and polymers at interfaces
  • Emulsions of complex media (e.g. liquid crystals, diblock-copolymers) that deform and change shape
  • Membranes and vesicles that deform and bud depending on phase transitions, interactions, orientations, and chemical reactions of their components (included adsorbed proteins and polymers)
  • Active films such as biofilms and bacterial colonies, endothelial layers, and ligaments
  • Flow through compliant tubes or channels (e.g. blood, adaptable microfluidics)
  • The Golgi apparatus of living cells

During the workshop we will discuss, on the one hand, particular systems where such interactions of internal degrees of freedom and domain boundaries occur; and on the other hand the general principles that underlie these phenomena.

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