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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
Christina Surulescu; Anna Zhigun; Alexander Hunt Global existence for a degenerate haptotaxis model of tumor invasion under the go-or-grow dichotomy hypothesis PDF icon ni15099.pdf
Christina Surulescu; Peter Kloeden; Stefanie Sonner A nonlocal sample dependence SDE-PDE system modeling proton dynamics in a tumor PDF icon ni15098.pdf
Jocelyn Etienne; Mahamar Dicko; Pierre Saramito Geometry can provide long-range mechanical guidance for embryogenesis PDF icon ni15097.pdf
Dagmar Iber; Lucas D. Wittwer; Roberto Croce; Sebastian Aland Simulating Organogenesis in COMSOL: Phase-­Field Based Simulations of Embryonic Lung Branching Morphogenesis PDF icon ni15096.pdf
Leah Edelstein-Keshet; William R Holmes; William Bement A mathematical model of GTPase pattern formation during single-cell wound repair PDF icon ni15095.pdf
CM Elliott; Tom Ranner; Mirna Golubic Venkataraman Coupled bulk-surface free boundary problems arising from a mathematical model of receptor-ligand dynamics PDF icon ni15090.pdf
CM Elliott; Hans Fritz On algorithms with good mesh properties for problems with moving boundaries based on the Harmonic Map Heat Flow and the DeTurck trick PDF icon ni15085.pdf
Jocelyn Etienne; A Duperray Initial dynamics of cell spreading are goverened by dissipation in the actin cortex PDF icon ni15084.pdf
Jocelyn Etienne; J Fouchard; D Mitrossilis; N Bufi; P Durand-Smet; ET Al Cells as liquid motors: Mechanosensitivity emerges from collective dynamics of actomyosin cortex PDF icon ni15083.pdf
PF Machado; J Duque; Jocelyn Etienne; A Martinez-Arias; GB Blanchard; ET Al Emergent material properties of developing epithelial tissues PDF icon ni15082.pdf
Vicenç Mendez; D Campos Characterization of stationary states in random walks with stochastic resetting PDF icon ni15079.pdf
A Iomin; Vicenç Mendez Does ultra-slow diffusion survive in a three dimensional cylindrical comb PDF icon ni15078.pdf
Vicenç Mendez; A Iomin; D Campos; W Horsthemke Mesoscopic description of random walks on combs PDF icon ni15077.pdf
H Lan; Q Wang; R Fernandez-Gonzalez; James Feng A biomechanical model for cell polarization and intercalation during $\it Drosophila$ germband extension PDF icon ni15076.pdf
T Wu; James Feng Modeling the mechanosensitivity of neutrophils passing through a narrow channel PDF icon ni15075.pdf
Sebastian Aland; J Allard; John Lowengrub Numerical simulation of endocytosis: Viscous flow driven by membranes with non-uniformly distrubuted curvature-inducing molecules PDF icon ni15073.pdf
Sebastian Aland; H Hatzikirou; John Lowengrub; Axel Voigt A mechanistic collective cell model for epithelial colony growth and contact inhibition PDF icon ni15072.pdf
AP Zakharov; Len Pismen Reshaping nemato-elastic sheets PDF icon ni15071.pdf
Toshio Sekimura; Mirna Golubic Venkataraman; Anotida Madzvamuse A model for selection of eyespots on butterfly wings PDF icon ni15070.pdf
Pedro Aceves-Sánchez; C Shmeiser Fractional-diffusion-advection limit of a kinetic model PDF icon ni15069.pdf
Angelika Manhart; Christian Schmeiser Decay to equilibrium of the filament end density along the leading edge of the lamellipodium PDF icon ni15068.pdf
Angelika Manhart; D Oelz; Christian Schmeiser; N Sfakianakis Numerical treatment of the filament based lamellipodium model (FBLM) PDF icon ni15067.pdf
Paola Pozzi; Bjorn Stinner Curve shortening flow coupled to lateral diffusion PDF icon ni15055.pdf
Anotida Madzvamuse; AHW Chung The bulk-surface finite element method for reaction-diffusion systems on stationary volumes PDF icon ni15052.pdf
Anotida Madzvamuse; HS Ndakwo; Raquel Barreira Stability analysis of reaction-diffusion models on evolving domains: the effects of cross-diffusion PDF icon ni15050.pdf
S Grosskinsky; D Marahrens; Angela Stevens A hyrdrodynamic limit for chemotaxis in a given heterogeneous environment PDF icon ni15045.pdf
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