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Cell mechanics, morphogenesis and pattern formation: perspectives from the experimental and theoretical points of view


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14th September 2015 to 18th September 2015
Till Bretschneider
Damir Khismatullin
Sharon Lubkin
Christian Schmeiser

OrganisersTill Bretschneider (Warwick), Damir Khismatullin (Tulane)Sharon Lubkin (North Carolina State) and Christian Schmeiser (Vienna)

Workshop Theme

The mechanical characterisation of individual cells is complex and dynamic. Nonetheless, great progress has been made in understanding how the dynamics of subcellular structures leads to cell shape and motility. Static tissues have also been well characterised. It is at the level of morphogenesis where the bridging of scales between individual cell dynamics and tissue dynamics is least understood. This workshop aims to (1) present a framework for understanding what is already known about cell-level and tissue-level mechanics, (2) identify gaps in our understanding of how cells interact mechanically in tissues in order to actuate morphogenesis, (3) propose new collaborations to increase our understanding of the cell-tissue emergent dynamics. We will bring together experts in development, microscopy, image analysis, biomechanics, and modeling.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (IST Austria)
  • Dr. Sean Megason (Harvard)
  • Professor Anne Ridley (King's College London)
  • Professor Denis Wirtz (Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine)


Deadline for applications: 21 August 2015

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The Formal Dinner will take place on Wednesday 16 September at Cambridge Union Society. Participants on the Accommodation Package or Registration Package, including organisers and speakers, are automatically included in this event.

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