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Multi-physics geometric PDE using deformable surfaces: analysis, modelling, numerics and applications

4th November 2015 to 6th November 2015
Univ of Sussex
University of Sussex
Vanessa Styles
Mirna Golubic Venkataraman
Max Jensen
Charalambos Makridakis


Workshop Theme

Mathematical models of geometric partial differential equations using deformable surfaces arise in an abundance of applications, for example in biophysics, chemistry, engineering, material science and plant biology. Due to the recent development of new ideas and methods in the field of moving free boundaries many important and challenging open problems have emerged. This interdisciplinary workshop will bring together researchers from the distinct mathematical fields of modelling, applied and numerical analysis and computation to discuss the challenges that result from such applications.


Workshop Venue

This is a Satellite Meeting to be held at the University of Sussex in Brighton.


For more information or to register please go to:

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