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Workshops and Other Events

Code Title Dates
DAEW01 Experiments for Processes with Time or Space Dynamics Workshop 18th July 2011 to 22nd July 2011
DAEW02 Optimum Design for Mixed Effects Non-linear and Generalised Linear Models Workshop 9th August 2011 to 12th August 2011
DAEW03 Design of Experiments in Healthcare Workshop 15th August 2011 to 19th August 2011
OFB008 Pharmaceutical Day Workshop 16th August 2011
DAEW04 Designed Experiments: Recent Advances in Methods and Applications: DEMA 2011 Workshop 30th August 2011 to 2nd September 2011
DAEW05 Accelerating Industrial Productivity via Deterministic Computer Experiments & Stochastic Simulation Workshop 5th September 2011 to 9th September 2011
DAEW06 Algebraic Method in Experimental Design Workshop 26th October 2011 to 27th October 2011
OFB010 DAE Industry Day Workshop 30th November 2011
DAEW07 Design and Analysis of Experiments in Healthcare Workshop 6th July 2015 to 10th July 2015
OFB024 Design of Experiments in Drug Development Workshop 9th July 2015
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons