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Design of Experiments

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21st July 2008 to 15th August 2008
Rosemary Bailey Queen Mary, University of London
Basia Bogacka Queen Mary, University of London
Heiko Grossmann Queen Mary, University of London
David Woods University of Southampton


Programme Theme

The design of experiments has been very successful in many areas of application, leading to different traditions in different areas. The aim of the programme is to bring together international experts in various parts of the subject.

There will be three applications themes: genomics and proteomics; computer experiments; and clinical trials. Each of these areas is currently lively. We hope to make substantial progress in a short time simply by bringing together people with an applications background and those with a design background. Specialist design knowledge may be used to improve the design of experiments in each application area; and particular expertise from one application area may turn out to be useful in the design of experiments in other areas.

There will also be three themes driven by methodology: multi-stratum experiments; experiments under nonlinear models and differential equations; and multitiered experiments. Each of these is already used in several areas of application, but often with different vocabulary. Statisticians from the different areas will get together and pool expertise. Because the underlying methodology is the same, it should be possible to learn from each other in a short time and so incorporate the best from each area and produce a more unified theory.

Final Scientific Report: 
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