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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
C Bandle; MA Fontelos A nonlocal diffusion problem on manifolds PDF icon ni15088.pdf
D Bucur A new isoperimetric inequality for the elasticae PDF icon ni14095.pdf
GG Chen Free boundary problems in shock reflection/diffraction and related transonic flow problems PDF icon ni14094.pdf
D Bucur A surgery result for the spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian PDF icon ni14082.pdf
K Yeressian Obstacle problem with a degenerative force term PDF icon ni14073.pdf
GG Chen Vanishing viscosity solutions of the compressible Euler equations with spherical symmetry and large initial data PDF icon ni14071.pdf
CM Elliott; T Ranner A computational approach to an optimal partition problem on surfaces PDF icon ni14064.pdf
CM Elliott Time-periodic solutions of advection-diffusion equations on moving hypersurfaces PDF icon ni14053.pdf
G Canevari Morse's index formula in VMO for compact manifolds with boundary PDF icon ni14052.pdf
W Strauss; E Varvaruca Global bifurcation of steady gravity water waves with critical layers PDF icon ni14051.pdf
M Malin Competition phenomena for difference equations with oscillatory nonlinearities PDF icon ni14050.pdf
K Yeressian On generalized solutions of axisymmetric two-phase incompressible viscous flow with surface tension PDF icon ni14049.pdf
C Bandle; A Wagner Two Robin boundary value problems with opposite sign PDF icon ni14047.pdf
K Yeressian Nondegeneracy in the obstacle problem with a degenerate force term PDF icon ni14045.pdf
M Sebaoui The Tikhonov regularization for equilibrium problems and applications to quasi-hemivariational inequalities PDF icon ni14044.pdf
B Kawohl More on the potential for the farthest-point distance function PDF icon ni14040.pdf
P Colli On a Cahn-Hilliard type phase field system related to tumor growth PDF icon ni14038.pdf
SW Walker The saddle-point formulation and finite element method for the Stefan problem with surface tension PDF icon ni14035.pdf
A Alphonse; CM Elliott; B Stinner An abstract framework for parabolic PDEs on evolving spaces PDF icon ni14033.pdf
CM Elliott; C Venkataraman Error analysis for an ALE evolving surface finite element method PDF icon ni14032.pdf
JF Rodrigues On the mathematical analysis of thick fluids PDF icon ni14031.pdf
C Bandle; A Wagner Isoperimetric inequalities for the principal eigenvalue of a membrane and the energy of problems with Robin boundary conditions PDF icon ni14029.pdf
D Stan Transformations of self-similar solutions for porous medium equations of fractional type PDF icon ni14027.pdf
N N Uraltseva On regularity properties of solutions to hysteresis-type problems PDF icon ni14023.pdf
B Velichkov Optimization problems involving the first Dirichlet eigenvalue and the torsional rigidity PDF icon ni14021.pdf
M Chipot; T Savitska Nonlocal $\it p$-laplace equations depending on the $\it L^p$ norm of the gradient PDF icon ni14017.pdf
JF Rodrigues; R Teymurazyan On the regularity of the free boundary for quasilinear obstacle problems PDF icon ni14010.pdf
A Bahrouni Infinitely many solutions for a class of sublinear Schrödinger equations with indefinite potentials PDF icon ni14008.pdf
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