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GFS follow on: Mathematics of form in active and inactive media

25th March 2019 to 29th March 2019
Fitzwilliam College
Andrzej Herczyński
Arezki Boudaoud
Eric Lauga
Maciej Lisicki


Workshop theme

This workshop builds upon Growth, Form and Self-Organisation (GFS) programme held at INI in the autumn of 2017, on the 100th anniversary of “On Growth and Form” by D’Arcy Thompson. The focus will be on mathematical and physical aspects of growth, shape, and deformation in animate and inanimate systems. The principal aim is to review progress since the GFS programme, as well as new developments at the frontier of research. Challenges identified in the parent programme, such as the interplay between morphogens and hydrodynamics, and between the micro and macro scales, will be stressed.

New mathematical and physical modelling approaches will be highlighted, along with advanced numerical methods and experimental techniques to elucidate a host of interdisciplinary questions and encompassing such themes as morphogenesis at various scales, shape differentiation, self-organisation in various contexts, pattern formation, cellular mechanics, growth and adaptation of plants, and evolution of complex living and inanimate systems. The workshop will also explore treating active media via the methods from inactive media, for instance techniques for flexing membranes and for agglomeration processes.

The workshop is in part supported by the NSF

Deadline for applications: 3rd February 2019

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