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Geophysical Granular and Particle-Laden Flows

27th October 2003 to 31st October 2003

Organisers: JMNT Gray (Manchester), AJ Hogg (Bristol) & K Hutter (Darmstadt)

Scientific Committee: JT Jenkins (Cornell), C Keylock (Leeds), T Mullin (Manchester) & A Woods (Cambridge)

Workshop held at "@-Bristol", Harbourside, Bristol, UK

Many large-scale natural hazards and geomorphic processes involve granular or particle-laden flows. Examples abound in our natural environment, ranging from avalanches, debris flows, rock-falls, pyroclastic flows and lahars, to turbidity currents, sediment transport in rivers and dune formation. This meeting will bring together environmental scientists, geographers, geologists and geophysicists, who observe these phenomena in the field, with mathematicians, physicists and engineers who are developing sophisticated mathematical models and laboratory based experiments to understand these complex and challenging flows. A group of leading mathematicians and scientists will be gathered at the Isaac Newton Institute for a 4 month programme on Granular and Particle-Laden Flow at this time, and this Satellite workshop provides an unparalleled opportunity for environmental scientists, theoreticians and experimentalists to meet, discuss and exchange ideas.

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