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Gravity, twistors and amplitudes

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20th June 2016 to 8th July 2016
Kirill Krasnov
Lionel Mason
David Skinner


Programme Theme

Over the last ten years, tremendous progress has been made in understanding scattering amplitudes in Yang-Mills and gravity theories. On the technical side, new explicit formulae for general n-particle scattering amplitudes have been discovered that exhibit remarkable new mathematical structures. On the conceptual side, a new proof of GR and Yang-Mills uniqueness has been obtained, in which the basic cubic interaction is fixed (on-shell) from simple scaling considerations, and all other amplitudes are built from the basic cubic ones by the use of recursion relations. Thus, from this perspective, gravity and Yang-Mills theories are the simplest nontrivial quantum field theories. Furthermore, there are remarkable relations between gravity and the `square' of Yang-Mills arising from colour-kinematic duality. Unfortunately, at present we only see manifestations of this simplicity in the perturbative structure of the field equations. An open problem is to understand these structures nonperturbatively, arising from hidden structures also in fully non-linear gravity and Yang-Mills theories.

The main aim of this programme is to bring together differential geometers specialising in Einstein manifolds and twistor methods together with physicists responsible for the scattering amplitudes developments of the last decade. The programme will start with a series of introductory talks (aimed at mathematicians) on the key developments in the field of scattering amplitudes, with the anticipation that new understanding will emerge from the discussions that ensue.

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