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Singularities in Classical, Quantum and Magnetic Fluids

20th October 2000 to 23rd October 2000

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Warwick MRC joint Workshop

Singularities in Classical, Quantum and Magnetic Fluids

20-23 October 2000

(Please note: this Workshop will take place at the Mathematics Institute –

University of Warwick)

The object:

The main aim is to initiate an exchange of ideas and methods of studying singularities among researchers working in different fields such as classical Navier-Stokes and Euler fluids, superfluids, magneto-hydrodynamics and fluid-like nonlinear properties of optical media.


This meeting will also review known singularities in fluid systems, and examine the current status of existing open questions.


The conference is a satellite workshop of a programme on Geometry and Topology of Fluid Flows organised at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (Cambridge).



RS MacKay, X He, and S Nazarenko (Warwick), R Pelz (Rutgers University).


Expected Speakers:

CF Barenghi (Newcastle & INI), A Bhattacharjee  (University Iowa & INI), R Caflisch (UCLA), P Constantin (Chicago University), D Cordoba (Chicago University & INI), SC Cowley (UCLA & INI), SJ Cowley (DAMTP, Cambridge), U Frisch (Nice), JD Gibbon (Imperial College, London), R Grauer (Dusseldorf), JM Greene (General Atomics & INI), R Kerr  (NCAR), EA Kuznetsov (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow), HK Moffatt (INI, Cambridge), AC Newell (Warwick University), H Okamoto (RIMS, Kyoto University), R Pelz (Rutgers University & INI), JJ Rasmussen (Riso National Lab, Denmark), AM Rubenchick  (Livermore Labs), A Shnirelman  (Tel Aviv & INI), JT Stuart (Imperial College, London), S Turitsyn  (Aston University), C Vassilicos (DAMTP, Cambridge), M Vishik (University of Texas, Austin & INI), V Yudovich  (Rostov University & INI), VE Zakharov (Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics & University of Arizona).


There will also be a poster session at which all participants are invited to present a poster.


Further Information: can be obtained from Mrs Peta McAllister (peta[at][dot]uk)



London Mathematical Society, Isaac Newton Institute, University of Warwick Mathematics Research Centre, and Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research at Warwick.


UK participants are especially encouraged to attend.  In addition there are grants available for partial support of up to 10 UK PhD students to attend the meeting. 



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