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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
C Brech; J Lopez-Abad; S Todorcevic Homogeneous families on trees and subsymmetric basic sequences PDF icon ni16036.pdf
A Kanamori Mathias and set theory PDF icon ni16033.pdf
J Bagaria Derived topologies on ordinals and stationary reflection PDF icon ni16031.pdf
N Dobrinen; D Hathaway The Haplern-Läuchli theorem at a measurable cardinal PDF icon ni16030.pdf
D Adolf; AW Apter; P Koepke Singularizing successor cardinals by forcing PDF icon ni16027.pdf
P Borodulin-Nadzieja; T Inamdar Measures and slaloms PDF icon ni16024.pdf
P Borodulin-Nadzieja Measures and fibers PDF icon ni16023.pdf
B Van Den Berg; I Meordijk Exact completetion of path categories and algebraic set theory PDF icon ni16021.pdf
Y Zhu The higher sharp I PDF icon ni16020.pdf
H Mildenberger Diagnonalising an ultrafilter and preserving a $\rho$-point PDF icon ni16019.pdf
P Lücke; R Schindler; P Schlicht $\Sigma$$_1$($\kappa$)-Definable subsets of H($\kappa$$^+$) PDF icon ni16018.pdf
C Morgan The $\kappa$$^+$-antichain property for ($\kappa$,1)-simplified morasses PDF icon ni16017.pdf
P Lücke Ascending paths and forcings that specialize higher Aronszajn trees PDF icon ni16016.pdf
AD Brooke-Taylor; SK Miller The quandry of quandles: The Borel completeness of a knot invariant PDF icon ni16015.pdf
L Incurvati; B Löwe Restrictiveness relative to notions of interpretation PDF icon ni16014.pdf
L Galeotti A candidate for the generalised real line PDF icon ni16010.pdf
B Löwe Philosophy or not? The study of cultures and practices of mathematics PDF icon ni16009.pdf
RS Lubarsky Seperating the fan theorem and its weakenings II PDF icon ni16008.pdf
M Magidor; G Plebanek On properties of compacta that do not reflect in small continuous images PDF icon ni16007.pdf
J Kennedy; M Magidor; J Väänänen Inner models from extended logics PDF icon ni16006.pdf
M Carl; P Schlicht; P Welch Recognizable sets and Woodin cardinals: computation beyond the constructible universe PDF icon ni16005.pdf
MS Kurilić The minimal size of infinite maximal antichains in direct products of partial orders PDF icon ni16002.pdf
A Vaccaro; M Viale $\it C$*-algebras and B-names for complex numbers PDF icon ni15089.pdf
M Viale Forcing the truth of a weak form of Schanuel's conjecture PDF icon ni15087.pdf
AW Apter Normal measures and strongly compact cardinals PDF icon ni15086.pdf
AC Block; B Löwe A multiplication operation for the hierachy of norms PDF icon ni15081.pdf
P Borodulin-Nadzieja; G Plebanek Measures on Suslinean spaces PDF icon ni15080.pdf
H Nobrega; A Pauly Game characterizations and lower cones in the Weihrauch degrees PDF icon ni15074.pdf
JD Hamkins Upward closure and amalgamation in the generic multiverse of a countable model of set theory PDF icon ni15066.pdf
CDA Evans; JD Hamkins; NL Perlmutter A position in infinite chess with game value $\omega$$^4$ PDF icon ni15065.pdf
V Gitman; JD Hamkins Open determinacy for class games PDF icon ni15064.pdf
A Blass; Y Gurevich On hidden variables: value and expectation no-go theorems PDF icon ni15062.pdf
PD Welch Obtaining Woodin's cardinals PDF icon ni15060.pdf
PD Welch G$\delta$$\sigma$-games and generalized computation PDF icon ni15059.pdf
N Dobrinen Infinite dimensional Ellentuck spaces and Ramsey-classification theorems PDF icon ni15058.pdf
N Dobrinen Creature forcing and topological Ramsey spaces PDF icon ni15057.pdf
B Farkas; Y Khomskii; Z Vidnyánszky Almost disjoin refinements and mixing reals PDF icon ni15056.pdf
A Blass Partitions and conservativity PDF icon ni15054.pdf
T Inamdar; B Löwe The modal logic of inner models PDF icon ni15053.pdf
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