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Integrable systems and applications

14th September 2020 to 18th September 2020
University of Loughborough
Gennady El
Eugene Ferapontov
Karima Khusnutsinova
Barbara Prinari

Workshop theme

Integrable systems are remarkable differential (difference) equations which can, in a sense, be solved explicitly. Such systems are known to arise, via multiple scale expansions, as approximations to various models of physical origin. Despite their relatively `simple' form, integrable approximations are known to capture the essential behaviour of the original non-integrable models.

Another important feature of integrable systems is their internal symmetry which underlies their solution procedure and makes them a deep and interesting object of study. Integrable systems play nowadays a unifying role bringing together such diverse areas as algebra, geometry, analysis, nonlinear physics, and applied mathematics.

The aim of this satellite workshop is to bring together leading experts in the field of nonlinear waves, dispersive hydrodynamics and the relevant mathematical techniques. We plan a combination of research and review talks emphasizing the key concepts, ideas and problems in a way accessible to any qualified mathematician/PhD student in the field. The main stress will be put on applied aspects of the theory.  

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