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The Mathematics of Social Insects


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7th December 2001 to 8th December 2001

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

From Individual to Collective Behaviour in Biological Systems

10 Sep - 19 Dec 2001

Organisers: Professor PK Maini (Oxford), Professor H Othmer (Minnesota), Professor TJ Pedley (Cambridge), Professor BD Sleeman (Leeds)

A Newton Institute Workshop


 (Winter Meeting Of The IUSSI British Section)

Organiser:   Dr David Sumpter (Oxford)


Themes:  This two day meeting will bring together researchers in the social insect community and mathematicians with an interest in the problem of relating individual to collective behaviour in biology.  The meeting will focus on the biological questions which arise in the organisation of insect societies, with talks on specific experimental systems.  The invited speakers will be biologists who have worked on such systems.  There will also be talks on the mathematical techniques that have been applied to understanding social insects.

Confirmed Speakers:    Nigel Franks (Bristol), Thomas Seeley  (Cornell), Guy Theraulaz (Toulouse), Walter Tschinkel (Florida), Nick Britton (Bath).

Location:  The Workshop will take place at the Newton Institute.

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