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From foundations to state-of-the-art in magma/mantle dynamics


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15th February 2016 to 19th February 2016
John Rudge
David Bercovici

Organisers: David Bercovici (Yale University) and John Rudge (University of Cambridge)

Confirmed speakers:

  • Paul Asimow (Caltech)
  • David Bercovici (Yale University)
  • Anne Davaille (FAST, Orsay)
  • Majid Hassanizadeh (Utrecht University)
  • Ian Hewitt (University of Oxford)
  • Richard Katz (University of Oxford)
  • John Maclennan (University of Cambridge)
  • Dave May (ETH Zürich)
  • Dan McKenzie (University of Cambridge)
  • Neil Ribe (FAST, Orsay)
  • John Rudge (University of Cambridge)

Workshop Theme

This first workshop sets the scene for the rest of the four-month "Melt in the Mantle" programme. The workshop will review what we think we understand about mantle melting and melt transport, and what the big open questions are that remain. The workshop will bring together a diverse range of participants, including applied mathematicians, fluid dynamicists, petrologists, and geodynamicists, as well as other workers in related fields. It is only through such a broad interdisciplinary effort that progress will be made.

A large part of this workshop will be devoted to using ideas from continuum mechanics to understand melt segregation in the mantle. In particular, existing two-phase flow theories will be discussed, and their shortcomings exposed. The workshop will explore the connections between theories of two phase flow used in magma dynamics, and those in other fields (e.g. glaciology). Problems of mantle melting are intimately tied up with the dynamics of the mantle as a whole, and the workshop will contain a review of the relevant aspects of global mantle convection, and in particular the convective features that are associated with melting, such as mantle plumes and subduction zones. The workshop will survey the current state-of-the-art in mathematical methods for magma and mantle dynamics, with a review of both analytical and numerical approaches.

Understanding how much melt is produced in any given tectonic setting is fundamentally a question of thermodynamics, and the workshop will examine the challenges associated with describing the thermodynamics of multi-phase multi-component partially-molten rock. Observational constraints on mantle melting come from the petrology and geochemistry of rocks at the surface, and these observations will be carefully interrogated.

The workshop will take place at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK.

Deadline for applications: 01 January 2016

Apply now

Please note members of Cambridge University are welcome to turn up and sign in as a non-registered attendee on the day(s) during the workshop and attend the lecture(s). Please note that we cannot provide you with any support including name badge, meals or accommodation.

In addition to visiting the INI, there are multiple ways in which you can participate remotely.



Registration Only
  • Registration Package: £239
  • Student Registration Package: £189

The Registration Package includes admission to all seminars, lunches and refreshments on the days that lectures take place (Monday - Friday), wine reception and formal dinner, but does not include other meals or accommodation.

Formal Dinner Only
  • Formal Dinner: £50

Participants on the Registration Package, including organisers and speakers, are automatically included in this event. For all remaining participants who would like to attend, such as Visiting Fellows, programme participants or their guests, the above charge will apply.


Unfortunately as the workshop is taking place in term time, we are unable to offer any accommodation and therefore ask that all successful applicants finds their own. Please see the Hotels Combined website for a list of local hotels and guesthouses.



Lunch will be served at Wolfson Court in the Cafeteria from 12:30 to 13:30 on days that lectures take place.

  • Registration Package participants should present their badge as payment for their meal
  • Those issued with a blue Institute door entrance card can add money onto the card via the Porters' Lodge at Wolfson Court
  • Other participants must purchase their meal using their dining card via the Porters' Lodge (forms can be found on the registration desk or at the Porters' Lodge)

Evening Meal

Participants are free to make their own arrangements for dinner.

Formal Dinner

The Formal Dinner will take place on Wednesday 17th February at Emmanuel College. Participants on the Registration Package, including organisers and speakers, are automatically included in this event.

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