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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
A Majumdar Order reconstruction patterns in nematic liquid crystal wells PDF icon ni14006.pdf
M Ambrozic Computational studies of history-dependence in nematic liquid crystals in random environments PDF icon ni13055.pdf
M Trcek; V Tzitzios; G Nounesis Nanoparticle-induced twist-grain boundary phase PDF icon ni13048.pdf
TC Lubensky Topological boundary modes in isostatic lattices PDF icon ni13043.pdf
B Zhilinskií The action of the orthogonal group on planar vectors: invariants, covariants, and syzygies PDF icon ni13023.pdf
EI Kats Twisted quasiperiodic textures of biaxial nematics PDF icon ni13027.pdf
M Leoni Synchronisation and liquid crystalline order in soft active fluids PDF icon ni13022.pdf
I Busjatskaya Immortality of platonic solids PDF icon ni13017.pdf
A De Simone Shape control of active surfaces inspired by the movement of euglenids PDF icon ni13015.pdf
J Park Existence of solutions to boundary value problems for smectic liquid crystals PDF icon ni13013.pdf
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