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Representations of surface groups and Higgs Bundles

14th March 2011 to 18th March 2011

Organisers: Professor O García-Prada (CSIC, Madrid), Professor W Goldman (Maryland), Professor PE Newstead (Liverpool), Dr T Hausel (Oxford) and Professor N Hitchin (Oxford)

Workshop Theme

The workshop will concentrate on the relationship of moduli spaces to topology, Teichmüller theory and hyperbolic geometry - this relationship takes place in the study of representations of a surface group in a real Lie group and involves Higgs bundle theory, bounded cohomology, Anosov systems, cluster varieties, tropical algebraic geometry; there is a very rich geometric structure and the various points of view are complementary, the relationship between them yet to be understood.

The event is also being sponsored by the Interactions of Low-Dimensional Topology and Geometry with Mathematical Physics (ITGP) network of the European Science Foundation and the London Mathematical Society.

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