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PRACQSYS 2014 - Principles & Applications of Control to Quantum Systems

4th August 2014 to 8th August 2014

Organisers: John Gough (Aberystwyth)

International program committee members: Hideo Mabuchi (Stanford), Yuxi Liu (Tsinghua) Hendra Nurdin (New South Wales) and Mazyar Mirrahimi (INRIA)

Workshop Theme

Quantum control has already lead to significant improvements in technologies ranging from magnetic resonance to prototype quantum computers, from quantum high-precision sensors to quantum logic clocks, from single atom transistors to quantum noise suppression in gravitation wave detectors. The recent Nobel prize-winning works of Haroche and Wineland are both underpinned by dedicated control theoretic principles. We are at the formative stages of a 21st Century?s industrial revolution centred around Quantum Technology, and it is natural to view quantum control engineering as an essential framework behind its development, crucial to problems of design, stabilization, error-correction, noise reduction and filtering, and combating decoherence.

This is the ninth international workshop on Principles and Applications for Control of Quantum Systems. Our aim is to bring together researchers in mathematics, physics, control theory, dynamical systems, stochastic processes, signal processing and information science to strengthen the community of quantum control.

As in previous workshops, all lectures will be from invited speakers, which will present recent developments at the forefronts of theoretical research, experimentation and motivating applications.

A poster session will be held during the meeting.

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