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Theoretical Developments: Two and Three Dimensional Water Waves


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27th August 2001 to 1st September 2001

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Surface Water Waves

13 Aug--31 Aug 2001

Organisers: Dr SE Belcher (Reading), Professor TJ Bridges (Surrey), Dr SG Sajjadi (John C. Stennis Space Center)

A Newton Institute EuroConference


Organisers:   Stephen Belcher, Tom Bridges, Shardad Sajjadi

28 - 31 August 2001


This EuroConference will occupy the third week of the Newton Institute research programme "Surface Water Waves". The aim is to discuss a wide range of theoretical developments at the end of the 20th century and their implications for theory and practice, and to discuss open problems and new directions for research on water waves in the 21st century. Topics under discussion will include: large amplitude, limiting form and breaking of waves; numerics of water waves; ray tracing; asymptotic models; Hamiltonian, Lagrangian and multi-symplectic structures; perturbation by weak damping and forcing; model PDES and integrability; solitary waves; stability of waves and patterns; wind-wave, wave-wave and wave-turbulence interactions.

Participants will include: TR Akylas (MIT), S Annenkov (SIO, Moscow), S Badulin (SIO, Moscow), AM Balk (Utah), M Banner (N S Wales), JL Bona (Texas), MG Brown (Miami), G Caulliez (Marseille), G Chen (Marseille), M Cooker (East Anglia), W Craig (McMaster), F Dias (Cachan), MA Donelan (Miami), RHJ Grimshaw (Loughborough), M Groves (Loughborough), J Hammack (Penn State), T Hara (Rhode Island), M Haragus-Courcelle (Bordeaux), D Henderson (Penn State), D Holm (Los Alamos), JCR Hunt (UCL), C Kharif (Marseille), K Kirchgaessner (Stuttgart), V Kudryavtsev (Ukraine), E Kuznetsov (Landau Institute), MS Longuet-Higgins (San Diego), A Madsen (TU Denmark), VK Makin (KNMI), ME McIntyre (Cambridge), CC Mei (MIT), WK Melville (San Diego), P Milewski (Wisconsin), D Nicholls (Minnesota), DH Peregrine (Bristol), WRC Phillips (Illinois), H Segur (Colorado), V Shrira (Keele), M Stiassne (Technion), S Thorpe (Southampton), JF Toland (Bath), JM Vandenbroeck (East Anglia), JF Willemsen (Miami).

Location and costs: The conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation for participants will be provided in single study bedrooms with shared bathrooms at Wolfson Court, a hall of residence adjacent to the Institute. The conference package costs £250, which includes registration fee, accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Monday 27 August until breakfast on Saturday 1 September, and lunches and refreshments on the days that lectures take place. Limited financial support may be available to young researchers (35 years and under) from EC Member States and Associated States (see below).

Applications: Completed application forms should be sent to Maureen Clark at the Newton Institute.

Offers to contribute a poster are welcome and should accompany the application form along with a precise title and a short abstract.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 20 May 2001

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Associated States: Bulgaria; Czech Republic; Republic of Cyprus; Estonia; Hungary; Iceland; Israel; Latvia; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Norway; Poland; Romania; The Slovak Republic; Slovenia.

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