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Image analysis and processing in the life sciences

2nd October 2017 to 3rd October 2017
University of Warwick
Till Bretschneider
Bjorn Stinner

Workshop Theme

Advances in imaging technology keep on revealing ever greater detail of phenomena and processes in living systems. The vast amount of image data which thus can be generated makes highly efficient methods mandatory for
a variety of problems of mathematical or statistical nature. These may relate to the actual image acquisition or reconstruction by solving inverse problems. Others are centred around segmentation or pattern, texture, or shape recognition for effective description and possibly further exploitation. Problems may be also of system identification or optimisation type such as fitting biophysical models including uncertainty quantification. As varied is the available mathematical methodology ranging from variational continuum models to probabilistic approaches in a machine learning context.

The workshop's objective is to facilitate the interaction and discussion between researchers from the life sciences working with or on imaging technology, and mathematicians developing and analysing methodology in image analysis and processing.

Workshop details and registration will be available via this link

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