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Verified software: tools and experiments


we have been made aware of a very convincing phone scam that is focusing on our workshop participants. Participants may be contacted by phone by a firm called Business Travel Management to arrange accommodation for workshops and/or programmes.  This includes a request to enter credit card information.

Please note, INI will never contact you over the phone requesting card details. We take all payments via the University of Cambridge Online store

If you have been contacted by this company please contact us as soon as possible.

7th June 2021 to 11th June 2021
Natarajan Shankar SRI International
Leonardo de Moura Microsoft (USA)
Azadeh Farzan University of Toronto
Philippa Gardner Imperial College London, Imperial College London
Kim Larsen Aalborg Universitet
Xavier Leroy Collège de France, INRIA
Ken McMillan Microsoft (USA)
Peter O'Hearn University College London
Peter Sewell University of Cambridge
Moshe Vardi Rice University

Workshop theme

The Tools and Experiments workshop is aimed at defining an integrated tool resources for automated formal methods with standardized interfaces and interchange and data/evidence formats that allow services and arguments to be composed and test cases and counterexamples to be shared across different formal models.  The goal of the INI Virtual Workshop is to lay the foundation for powerful automated tools and integrated tool suites that can be deployed in a range of large-scale experiments and case studies.

The workshop will include a special event marking the 60th anniversary of Tony Hoare's invention of Quicksort.  

Given the current restrictions on movement, due to the ongoing pandemic, the INI intends to run this workshop virtually across 5 days. All talks and discussion sessions will be available virtually.


Deadline for applications: 3rd May 2021

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