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Events calendar

Current events

Code Event Dates Type
ARA Applicable resurgent asymptotics: towards a universal theory 1st March 2021 to 25th June 2021 Programme
JUN INI supports the JUNIPER consortium 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2022 Programme

Future events

Code Title Dates Type
VSOW03 Verified software: from theory to practice 10th May 2021 to 14th May 2021 Workshop
JUNW02 JUNIPER research meeting 17th May 2021 Workshop
NEWW01 Swinnerton-Dyer Memorial 17th May 2021 to 20th May 2021 Workshop
TGMW92 The Flip Side of the Pandemic: Recent Advances in the Mathematics of Information 20th May 2021 Workshop
NCNW03 New connections in number theory and physics 24th May 2021 to 28th May 2021 Workshop
TGMW98 IMA Mathematics 2021 Online Series - Week Two 25th May 2021 Workshop
TGMW96 New Models of Spatial and Social Behaviour in a Pandemic 26th May 2021 to 27th May 2021 Workshop
VSOW04 Verified software: tools and experiments 7th June 2021 to 11th June 2021 Workshop
ARAW02 Summary meeting 14th June 2021 to 18th June 2021 Workshop
HYDW08 New horizons in dispersive hydrodynamics 21st June 2021 to 25th June 2021 Workshop

Past events

Code Title Dates Type
TGMW97 IMA Mathematics 2021 Online Series - Week One 6th May 2021 Workshop
NCNW01 Making the bridge: Exploring new connections between number theory and physics 4th May 2021 to 7th May 2021 Workshop
TGMW93 Launch Event of the Cambridge Mathematics of Information in Healthcare (CMIH) 4th May 2021 to 5th May 2021 Workshop
TGMW95 Environmental and Aerosol Transmission of COVID-19 26th April 2021 to 28th April 2021 Workshop
FDEW03 Optimal control and fractional dynamics 19th April 2021 to 23rd April 2021 Workshop
TGMW94 Evolutionary Implications of the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme 19th April 2021 to 20th April 2021 Workshop
TGMW91 UK Graduate Modelling Camp 29th March 2021 to 31st March 2021 Workshop
ARAW01 Spring school on asymptotic methods and applications 22nd March 2021 to 26th March 2021 Workshop
FDEW02 Fractional kinetics, hydrodynamic limits and fractals 22nd March 2021 to 26th March 2021 Workshop
TGMW89 Unlocking Data Streams 16th March 2021 Workshop
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