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Events calendar

Future events

Code Title Dates Type
TGMW77 Mathematical Foundations of Optimisation in Data Science 1st July 2020 Satellite
HYD Dispersive hydrodynamics: mathematics, simulation and experiments, with applications in nonlinear waves 6th July 2020 to 18th December 2020 Programme
HYDW01 Modulation theory and dispersive shock waves 13th July 2020 to 17th July 2020 Workshop
HYDW06 Women in dispersive equations day 20th July 2020 Satellite
SIPW05 SIP Follow on: Mathematics of sea ice in the twenty-first century 20th July 2020 to 31st July 2020 Workshop
HYDW07 One day Oxford trip 22nd July 2020 Satellite
VSO Verified software 27th July 2020 to 4th September 2020 Programme
VSOW01 From theory to practice 3rd August 2020 to 7th August 2020 Workshop
VSOW02 Tools and experiments for verified software 17th August 2020 to 21st August 2020 Workshop
DYT Frontiers in dynamo theory: from the Earth to the stars 7th September 2020 to 18th December 2020 Programme

Past events

Code Title Dates Type
OFBW51 Industrial Applications of Complex Analysis 30th October 2019 Workshop
CATW02 Complex analysis in mathematical physics and applications 28th October 2019 to 1st November 2019 Workshop
TGMW70 Artificial Intelligence Developments in Healthcare Imaging 23rd October 2019 to 24th October 2019 Workshop
GCSW03 The future of structure-preserving algorithms 14th October 2019 to 18th October 2019 Satellite
GCSW02 Structure preservation and general relativity 30th September 2019 to 4th October 2019 Workshop
TGMW73 Verified Software 24th September 2019 to 25th September 2019 Workshop
CATW01 The complex analysis toolbox: new techniques and perspectives 9th September 2019 to 13th September 2019 Workshop
TGMW67 4th Edwards Symposium - Emerging Trends in Soft Matter 4th September 2019 to 6th September 2019 Satellite
CAT Complex analysis: techniques, applications and computations 2nd September 2019 to 19th December 2019 Programme
WHTW01 Factorisation of matrix functions: New techniques and applications 12th August 2019 to 16th August 2019 Workshop
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