This new fellowship scheme, generously funded by the Simons Foundation, offers the opportunity for promising early career researchers living and working in low and middle income countries to attend an INI programme for two to four months.

The fellowship is named after Srinivasa Ramanujan, a highly gifted Indian mathematician of the early 20th century, who was invited to Cambridge in 1914 by G H Hardy. Even though he had little formal training, he is recognised as having had a significant impact on several areas of mathematics.

A Ramanujan fellowship will provide the recipient with accommodation, a £25 per diem and up to £1200 for travel to INI. Fellows with caring responsibilities may apply for an additional allowance of up to £75 per day for housing and childcare costs.



Ramanujan Fellowships are open to applicants who reside in a low or middle income country according to the IMU classification.

Fellows will be required to stay for a minimum of 56 days.

Applicants for programmes taking place from July 2024 through to December 2025 will be considered (see below).

Stochastic systems for anomalous diffusion (SSD)  July  to December 2024

Equivariant homotopy theory in context (EHT)  January to June 2025

Modern History of Mathematics (MHM) January to May 2025

Representing, calibrating and leveraging prediction uncertainty from statistics to machine learning (RCL) May to August 2025

Operators, Graphs, Groups (OGG)  May to August 2025



Terms & Conditions

  •  Fellows must be visiting for a minimum of 8 weeks (56 days)
  • Travel must be by the most economical means, and all travel must be standard class.
  • To apply for extra support for childcare, please apply via the Care Provision Scheme

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