The UK mathematical community is supported by a myriad of official and unofficial networks, some of which exist only virtually. To help support and grow these groups, the INI initiative “Network Support for the Mathematical Sciences” was introduced in 2022. It provides modest funding packages of between £5,000 to £25,000 so that these networks can continue and intensify their work, and so that new networks can be formed. Both national and international networks are eligible to apply, and costs covered can include international travel by UK residents as well as travel by non-UK researchers to the UK.

Activities undertaken by INI-funded networks are independent of the research programmes hosted by INI throughout the year. However, their outputs are greatly facilitated by INI’s support.

Listed below are the networks that have received funding so far.

Recipients of “Network Support for Mathematical Sciences” funding


Network name
Lead coordinator(s)
Contact email
Algebraic Lie Theory in the UK Dr Adam Thomas
ARTIN: Algebra and Representation Theory in the North Dr David Jordan
Categories Networking Project Dr Simona Paoli
Communicating mathematical science research to non-expert audiences (mathsci-comm) Dr Marianne Freiberger
Computational Algebraic Geometry Professor Diane Mclagen
DANGER: Data, Numbers and Geometry Associate Professor Alexander Kasprzyk
EAGLE Professor Michael van Garrel
FAMiLLY Dr Ehsan Azmoodel
Groups and Geometry in Southern England Dr Larsen Louder
intdualdef Dr Ben Hoare
JUNIPER Consortium Professor Julia Gog
KineticNet Dr Josephine Evans
Mathematics in Life Sciences (MILS) Professor Rachel Nicks
Mathematics of Mass Extinctions (Ma(th)ssX) Dr Ivan Sudakow
Mathematics of Sea Ice Dr Alberto Alberello
MathPeat Associate Professor Matteo Icardi
NetPLACE Networks, PhD Life & ComplExity Miss Silvia Rognone
Network on Mathematical Data Science for Material Sciences Dr Xiaocheng Shang
New Directions in Mathematical Modelling of Ocean Wave Energy Dr Hamid Alemi Ardakani
North-East and Midlands Stochastic Analysis Seminar (NEMSA) Dr Chunrong Feng
Operator algebras in the South Dr Ulrich Penning
OPSFOTA – Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions, Operator Theory and Applications Dr Ana Loureiro
Preconditioning for Variational Data Assimilation Problems Dr Alison Ramage
Researchers in Probabilistic Numerical Methods Dr Jonathan Cockayne
Resources for Diversity in Mathematics Dr Isobel Falconer
Set Theory in the United Kingdom Professor Benedikt Loewe
The Grimm Network Dr Dan Rust
UK Algebraic Geometry Network Dr Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros
UK Mathematical Systems and Control Thery Network Dr Chris Guiver
UK Prostate Cancer ICGC Analysis Group Professor Andy Lynch
UK Research Network in Stochastics Dr Burak Buke
UK Spectral Theory Network Dr Matteo Capoferri
Using Solution Landscapes to Engineer New Soft Material Devices Professor Apala Majumdar
Virtual Eye Consortium Professor Peter Stewart

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