The Institute’s main building at 20 Clarkson Road provides quiet working space for more than 60 programme participants across 30 shared and individual offices. Breakout and collaborative working spaces are available on all floors, all of which are available to workshop participants as well as those attending long-term programmes. There are 130 square metres of blackboards positioned for every convenience from the spacious Meeting Room, to inside of the lift, to the walls of the mezzanine area and those of the ground floor toilets. The main seminar room can hold an audience of 120, whilst Seminar Room 2 – positioned in the adjacent Gatehouse building – can host more intimate groups of up to 40.

As of 2022, additional facilities are available at the Møller Institute (see below)

Since 2022, INI has proudly partnered with the Møller Institute to provide additional working spaces for its ongoing research programmes. Effectively acting as an extension to INI’s main building, the facilities and desk spaces available at the Møller Institute provide an exceptional environment in which to engage in private or collaborative work. Located a short 10-minute walk from INI’s main building at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, the Møller is positioned in spacious, green grounds adjacent to Churchill College, and boasts inspiring architectural touches throughout.

Accommodation is also available at the Møller, details of which can be obtained from INI’s housing team.

Please see below for a selection of illustrative images.

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