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Programmes in 2014

Code Title Dates
FRB Free Boundary Problems and Related Topics 6th January 2014 to 4th July 2014
ICP Inference for Change-Point and Related Processes 13th January 2014 to 7th February 2014
MTG Mathematical, statistical and computational aspects of the new science of metagenomics 24th March 2014 to 17th April 2014
MCM Advanced Monte Carlo Methods for Complex Inference Problems 22nd April 2014 to 16th May 2014
IDF Infectious Disease Dynamics - Follow-up Meeting 19th May 2014 to 6th June 2014
GAN Interactions between Dynamics of Group Actions and Number Theory 9th June 2014 to 4th July 2014
TWW Theory of Water Waves 14th July 2014 to 8th August 2014
QCE Quantum Control Engineering: Mathematical Principles and Applications 21st July 2014 to 15th August 2014
UMC Understanding Microbial Communities; Function, Structure and Dynamics 11th August 2014 to 19th December 2014
SYR Systemic Risk: Mathematical Modelling and Interdisciplinary Approaches 18th August 2014 to 19th December 2014
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons