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Event When Speaker Title Presentation Material
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 10:00 to 10:10 Christie Marr, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 10:10 to 10:20 Miha Ravnik Outline and Summary of INI Research Programme 'The Mathematical Design of New Materials'
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 10:20 to 10:55 Tim Wilkinson Design Innovations and Challenges for Photonics and Electronics Materials
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 10:55 to 11:25 Henning Sirringhaus Design Challenges in Transistor Technologies for Flexible Displays and Thin Film Applications
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 11:45 to 12:15 Cliff Jones Help! Liquid Crystal Device Physicist Without Mathematical Skill Seeks Solutions to Various Problems
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 12:15 to 12:50 Lucy Colwell Mathematical Innovations for Drug Design
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 13:50 to 14:20 Jeremy Baumberg Plasmonic Mathematics
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 14:20 to 14:50 Armin Sepp Where Do New Medicines Come From? Mechanistic Modelling and Simulation for Bispecific Antibodies
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 14:50 to 15:25 Eugene Terentjev Mathematics of Self-Healing Materials with Exchangeable Bonds
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 15:45 to 16:15 Oren Scherman Controlling Dynamic Interfacial Self-Assembly in Functional Materials
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 16:15 to 16:40 Ivan Smalyukh Developing Liquid Crystalline Aerogels for Thermal Insulation in Buildings
OFBW48 Monday 20th May 16:40 to 17:00 Dicussion and Questions
DNM Tuesday 21st May 15:00 to 16:00 Ibrahim Fatkullin Gibbs Ensembles of Partitions: from limit shapes to hydrodynamic limits
ASC Tuesday 21st May 16:00 to 17:00 Ronald DeVore Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Optimality of Algorithms for Approximation/Computation
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 10:00 to 10:10 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 10:10 to 10:20 Anders Hansen Introduction
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 10:20 to 11:00 Alhussein Fawzi Robustness and Geometry of Deep Neural Networks
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 11:20 to 12:00 Hamza Fawzi Fundamental Limitations on Adversarial Robustness
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 12:00 to 12:40 Jennifer Boon The Ethics of Algorithmic Decision Making
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 13:40 to 14:00 Vegard Antun On Instabilities of Deep Learning in Image Reconstruction - Part I
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 14:00 to 14:20 Matthew Colbrook On Instabilities of Deep Learning in Image Reconstruction - Part II
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 14:20 to 14:40 Laura Thesing A Stable Learning Framework
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 14:40 to 15:20 Thomas Strohmer Privacy Preserving Machine Learning: A Human Imperative?
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 15:40 to 16:20 Neil Lawrence Meta Modelling and Deploying Machine Learning Software
OFBW46 Thursday 23rd May 16:20 to 17:00 Pearse Keane The Moorfields - DeepMind Collaboration - Reinventing the Eye Exam using Deep Learning
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