Within this section of the website you should find all the information required to arrange and plan your visit to the Institute.

If you have any further questions, or are unable to find the information you require, please get in touch with the relevant staff member or our Reception team via our contact page.

Length of stay

The INI prides itself on providing a purpose-built environment to facilitate long-term collaborative and interdisciplinary interactions between its visiting academics.  Whilst appreciating that finding time to visit INI can be challenging, the INI encourages all participants on its research programmes to stay for as long as possible to uphold its spirit and purpose.

Experience has proven that short visits (of one week or less) are not long enough for programme participants to fully engage with others, and hence to be rewarding as regards developing new insight or collaborations. Visitors are therefore strongly encouraged to stay for a minimum of two weeks (this, of course, excludes those visitors who are here solely to attend a workshop or other short-term event).

Please note that there is a significant administrative burden for each programme participant visit to the Institute, and therefore programme  visitors who are here for 5 days or fewer will not automatically be allocated a per diem, nor listed as a priority for an office space (visitors are invited to use the communal mezzanine area).  However, please do contact the Institute’s Administrative Team if this would cause any significant issues.

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