Scanning to an Email Address



   To scan an image and send it to an email address:



1. Load the original document on the document glass or into the duplex automatic document


2. Touch Scan To.

3. Add Destination.

4. Enter recipients.

• To enter the email address manually, touch Email, then enter an email address. Touch Enter.

• To select a contact or group from the Address Book, touch the Address Book icon. Touch

Favorites or Contacts, then select a recipient.

• If you have created Personal Favorites, to select a Personal Favorite, log in with your user

credentials. Touch the Address Book icon. Touch Favorites, then select a Personal Favorite

from the list.

5. To save the scanned document as a specific file name, touch the attachment file name. To enter

a new name, use the touch screen keypad. Touch Enter.

6. To save the scanned document as a specific file format, touch the attachment file format, then

select the required format.

7. Adjust scanning options as needed.

8. To begin the scan, touch Scan.

9. If you are scanning from the document glass, when prompted to finish, touch Done. To scan

another page, load a new original document on the document glass, then touch Add Page.

Note: If you are scanning a document from the duplex automatic document feeder, a

prompt does not appear.

12. To return to the Home screen, press the Home button.

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