Scanning to a USB Flash Drive

   You can scan a document and store the scanned file on a USB Flash drive. The Scan to USB function

produces scans in .jpg, .pdf, .pdf (a), .xps, and .tif file formats.



• If the device is in Power Saver mode, press the Power/Wake button.

• Only USB Flash drives formatted to the typical FAT32 file system are supported.


1. Insert your USB Flash drive into the USB memory port on the front of the printer.

2. Load the original document on the document glass or in the duplex automatic document feeder.

3. When the USB Flash drive is detected, touch Scan to USB.

4. To save the scanned file to a folder on the USB Flash drive, navigate to the desired directory. Touch OK.

5. To save the scanned document with a specific file name, touch the attachment file name. To enter a new file name, use the touch screen keypad. Touch Enter.

6. To save the scanned document to as a specific file format, touch the attachment file format, then select the required format.

7. Adjust scanning features as needed.

8. To begin the scan, press Scan. The printer scans your images to the folder that you specified.

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