Printing from a USB Flash Drive


USB Overview

Use the Print from USB feature to print jobs already stored on a USB drive. Jobs

in a print-ready format, such as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG, can be printed.


You can print a file stored on a USB Flash drive. The USB port is on the front of the printer.


• If the device is in Power Saver mode, before proceeding with the Print job, to wake the

device, press the Power/Wake button.

• Only USB Flash drives formatted to the typical FAT32 file system are supported.

1. Insert the USB Flash drive into the USB memory port on the printer.

2. At the USB Drive has been detected screen, touch Print from USB.

3. Add files using the Browse USB screen.

• To print a group of print-ready files, for the USB drive or folder, touch the Select All icon.

Verify that your files are selected.

• To print a specific file, browse to that file, then touch the file name or icon.

4. Touch OK.

5. Confirm that the required files are listed.

• To select more files, touch Add Documents, then touch OK.

• To remove a file name from the list, touch the file name, then touch Remove.

6. Select the paper supply, quantity, output color, and 2-sided printing options.

7. Touch Print.

8. When you are finished, remove the USB Flash drive.

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