Who may use the network

Any visitor invited for a Institute programme may use our wired network in their office.

Workshop participants have access to the UniOfCam wireless network, using the ticket provided in your workshop pack. See: http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/wireless/browser

eduroam wireless access is available if your home institution supports it. Contact your local technical staff for details before you set out. See also: http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/wireless/eduroam


Suitable hardware

The mains power supply at the Institute is European standard 220V-240V. Please ensure your computer’s power supply can accept this voltage.

Power sockets at the Institute take the British standard plug with three square pins. If your plug is not of this sort, you will need a travel adaptor, available to buy from many shops or from the Institute Reception.

For network access (including use of our printers and access to the Internet), your computer must be equipped with either an ethernet interface with an RJ45 connector for wired access, or a wireless adapter for wireless access.


Network settings

Configure your computer to use DHCP to obtain its network settings automatically, including IP address and DNS.


Virus protection

If your computer is running Mac OS or Windows, ensure you have an up to date virus scanner.

We may be able to provide McAfee anti-virus software for use during your stay.


Known security vulnerabilities

Keep your computer up to date with fixes/patches for known security problems.

If you are using Microsoft Windows you should have all relevant service packs and critical updates installed and be using the Windows Update / Microsoft Update facility.

To reduce the scope for a break-in, turn off services that are not being used. Personal firewall software may provide an added layer of protection but care must be taken that it is configured appropriately: Misconfigured firewalls often cause obscure intermittent problems.



See: Laptop Printing


Additional Information

For more information and guides relating to laptops, please visit the Faculty of Mathematics website here.

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