The Institute has a selection of leased properties to house programme visitors, and prides itself on providing a purpose-built environment to facilitate long-term collaborative and interdisciplinary interactions between its visiting academics.

Whilst appreciating that finding time to visit INI can be challenging, the INI encourages all participants on its research programmes to stay for as long as possible to uphold its spirit and purpose. Experience has proven that short visits (of one week or less) are not long enough for programme participants to fully engage with others, and hence to be rewarding as regards developing new insight or collaborations. Visitors are therefore strongly encouraged to stay for a minimum of two weeks (this, of course, excludes those visitors who are here solely to attend a workshop or other short-term event).

We regret that we cannot commit to any specific property, but we will try to accommodate your needs as much as we can. If you are unsure of the details of your visit (such as dates, accompanying family, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact the Housing Team for any advice. For conferences and workshops, accommodation is usually arranged in advance as part of a package by the Programme & Visitor Co-ordinator.

On Arrival

The Housing Office hours are:  Monday – Friday: 8.30am to 4.30pm
If you arrive outside these hours your keys will be left with the porter at Churchill College, Storeys Way, close to the Institute.

Contact us for any housing enquiry:

Telephone: +44 1223 765581

Do you have a housekeeping-related query? Please use the Housekeeping request form

List of Properties

Forster Court, 7 Charles Babbage Road

Self-contained one bedroom apartments built by the University Accommodation Service for visiting academics. Located in a quiet area about 15 minutes walk from the Institute.

Benians Court, Storeys Way

A mixture of one and two bedroom modern apartments located in a quiet residential area and only a short 2 minute walk from the Institute.

Full terms and conditions for Forster Court & Benians Court properties


1 Accommodation charges
1.1 Accommodation charges will be calculated on a nightly basis and are payable either in advance in full or on a nightly or weekly basis (at the INI’s discretion).
1.2 Interest shall be payable at the rate of 4% per annum above the base rate for the time being of Barclays Bank Plc on the accommodation charges due under this agreement that are paid more than 14 days after the date on which they became due. The interest will be payable from the date the charges should have been paid until the date the charge is actually paid.
2 Terms of occupation
2.1 You must:
2.1.1 keep the property (including the communal areas where these are not the responsibility of the INI) clean and tidy and in the same condition as at the start of your occupation;
2.1.2 keep the contents in good and clean condition and shall return the contents to the INI at the end of the licence period in the same state (except for fair wear and tear) as detailed on the Inventory supplied to you;
2.1.3 keep the inside and outside of all windows clean;
2.1.4 comply with all such safety procedures as are currently in force and which have been notified to you; and
2.1.5 ensure that all rubbish is disposed of daily and placed in the rubbish bin provided
2.1.6 comply with and ensure that all visitors to the property shall at all times comply with all relevant regulations and rules promulgated by the University of Cambridge and by the INI save in each case to the extent that they are inconsistent with the terms of this agreement.
2.2 You must not:
2.2.1 use the property for the purposes of conducting a business;
2.2.2 cause any blockage to the drains, gutters and pipes of the property;
2.2.3 keep any pets or any other animals (other than an Assistance dog) on or in the property without the prior written consent of the INI (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld);
2.2.4 make any alteration, addition to or redecorate the property;
2.2.5 interfere with or suffer others to interfere with any fire fighting equipment, fire safety notices or other fire fighting facilities or do or suffer to be done anything to the prejudice of the validity of the fire insurance policies for the time being subsisting in relation to the property;
2.2.6 use or keep in the property any device or apparatus for lighting or heating by the ignition of combustible materials including wax candles, incense, fireworks and petroleum products;
2.2.7 do anything to or on the property which causes a nuisance, annoyance or damage to occupiers of neighbouring, adjoining or adjacent property, or the owners or occupiers of them;
2.2.8 do anything which involves using the property for immoral or illegal purposes;
2.2.9 assign, sublet, part with or share possession of the whole or any part of the property;
2.2.10 smoke in the property (including any communal areas)
2.2.11 not leave the premises unoccupied for any period without locking and securing all doors and windows.
2.2.12 not bring bicycles and pushchairs into the apartment.
2.3 The INI will notify you when you collect your keys whether it employs a dedicated cleaner to clean the communal areas of the property containing your accommodation. In those circumstances, the INI will be responsible for cleaning the communal areas on a regular basis, but you will still be expected to keep the communal areas in a reasonably clean and tidy condition.
2.4 The INI is responsible for the use of the internet service in the accommodation and will ensure that all users of the service have read and understood the Terms of Use displayed in the property.
2.5 If you breach this agreement or fail to fulfil any of your obligations under this agreement, you shall pay any reasonable costs properly incurred by the INI in remedying such breaches or in connection with the enforcement of those obligations.
2.6 The INI’s insurance does not cover your personal possessions. You are advised to insure his own possessions with a reputable insurer.
2.7 The INI shall be entitled at any time to enter the property:
2.7.1 to inspect the condition and state of repair of the property;
2.7.2 to carry out any cleaning of the communal areas where appropriate;
2.7.3 to carry out repairs or alterations to any adjoining or adjacent premises;
2.7.4 to take gas, electricity or water meter readings; and
2.7.5 for any purpose mentioned in this agreement or connected with the INI’s interest in or management of the property or any other property.
3 Termination
3.1 Either party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement at any time by giving not less than 5 days’ notice in writing to by way of the issue of a Notice to Quit.
3.2 In the event of a breach of the terms of this agreement, the INI shall be entitled to terminate this agreement immediately.
3.3 You will clear your room(s) and return the key(s) to the property by no later than 10.00am on the day of vacating the accommodation. If you fail to return the key(s), you agree to reimburse the INI the reasonable costs of replacing the lock and key(s). You shall return the property and the contents in the condition required by this agreement.
3.4 You must remove all personal possessions from the property once your occupancy has ended. The INI will remove and store the possessions for a maximum of one month. The INI will take reasonable steps to notify you at your last known address. If the items are not collected within one month, the INI may dispose of the items.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation charges will not be levied provided notice of 5 working days is given.
  • Notice of less than 5 working days will result in a 50% cancellation charge.
  • Where no notice is given, and residents do not collect keys on the designated date, or vacate before their confirmed departure date, the room will be charged to the resident in full.
  • For INI Programme Participants : please note that the above cancellation charges will need to be met by the individual concerned, and not from Programme funding.

Other Accommodation

If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation you may find the following websites helpful. The Institute accepts no responsibility for these services.

A Note on Per Diems

Please note that there is a significant administrative burden for each programme participant visit to the Institute, and therefore programme visitors who are here for 5 days or fewer will not automatically be allocated a per diem, nor listed as a priority for an office space (visitors are invited to use the communal mezzanine area).  However, please do contact the Institute’s Administrative team if this would cause any significant issues.

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